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Zirene Fat is the home of this video. The video has been uploaded to YouTube and now it is being watched by millions of people. It is a funny video that goes by the name "The Phyllis Zirene Diet." The author of the video is a self-proclaimed 'fat' Phyllis Zirene. The author has the ladyboy makati reputation of being 'fat' because she likes to eat junk food, drink and smoke, she is also a sex symbol and she is so beautiful that she is constantly being sought out by rich and famous people. It is a fascinating read and you can find many things interesting. This is a video that you will want to see over and over again. The author talks about her life and how she got fat. The video was made by Zirene, a single female from the Phillipe Zirene. It is a good thing that Zirene talks about this and that she did pinoy lovers not give the interview to a newspaper. This video has some hilarious moments that can be a good laugh, although it also has some horrible moments. The first video contains some funny moments and the second video is a bit more serious. There is one part where Zirene is showing a picture to her friend, in which she mentions how she never wants to be fat. It is very funny. But, there are some bad moments in the videos, such as when she asks the girl for sex when she is fat. So, I recommend watching the videos and then, going through the blog and watching her interviews. I would like to recommend that you read some of the comments posted in the videos. The first one is about the way she talks about the sex that she has had and how she has not liked sex. But, there is another one. It is about how she was fat when she was younger. And, that she is now working on that weight and that she likes to work out a lot.

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Here is the video with the comment: "I am a very attractive person but not that attractive in real life. I have always been very shy but today I am very comfortable around women. I love to talk to them and I like to help them out. I am very happy philipinoteens with myself and what I have done so far, my self esteem is really high and naga male I'm very confident in myself, but now my body and my mind are making a change, so I need to eat less, I need to exercise more." And this is her response when a friend asks if she is really eating all that much: (This woman was eating 10 pounds of chicken a day, that's enough for her to make two pizzas a day! I'm sorry!) And here are her responses when the interviewer asks if she has any regrets, and she says that she has no regrets, because she can't think about eating too much now, and that she has gained her body weight back. Here is her interview with another woman in Thailand, she had to be interviewed twice for a television show. And she had to say that she is very happy that she lost some of her weight average height australian man from a previous life, she gained her weight back in the past few months, she still has some abdominal muscles and she is still attractive. So you can see why these women don't have a negative image on Facebook, these pictures do a great job of changing people's opinions about them. The biggest difference between the two of the women on Facebook is the first one has a positive view of the other, but the second one is very negative. And this is because of the negative comments that her friends, friends of friends, have made about her. The other woman has many friends in her country, so her friends all have their own opinion of her, she doesn't need to share this with everyone. The people in Thailand don't need to know all the problems that these women have. She has had a very good job, she has a job, a very good salary, very high salary, so how would she possibly be going through these tough times. So this lady who has a very positive outlook on herself and her life, she is a happy person, she isn't going through a lot, she is going through the most difficult period that anyone could possibly go through. The people around her don't share this view of her, but they don't have a good view of her. The woman's friends are saying "What is going on in her head? She is so happy!" But she is still going through very tough times, the Thai woman is in the middle of a terrible divorce, she is still paying all her bills, she has a lot of kids and all these debts. This woman was a high school drop out, she was going through life with a good job, she was also a very good girlfriend for the first 3 years, she was always happy, she never had any problems, she cupid date was always the person to get along with, the person who made other people happy.