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I'm 25 years old and from the philipines. I studied in school in the philipines until the age of 19. After graduating I have studied and lived in australia and the united states for 5 years. I am married, with a son. I'm pinoy lovers an avid gamer and lover of the video game industry.

I have been to philipinoteens multiple video game expo's and conferences and meetup groups. I love being in the gaming scene and I love being a part of what I do. I hope that this has been informative to anyone who has a question about getting to know the philipines. If you have any questions feel free to ask! I've also been to several expo's for other expo's (I've only been to a few in the last 3-4 years) and am still going. If anyone else is interested in going to an expo in philadelphia, let me know! I would love to help you meet some people and get to know a little bit more about the philipines. Also, I'm going to be attending a philipines con, I will be there this coming Saturday (6/8) at the Philly Convention Center. I will have a free day off from work (8-9 am) and will be spending a lot of time on the show floor. I'll be posting pictures and details of the naga male con (and the con itself) when I get there. In the mean time, if you have any other questions, feel free to ask!

I'm from Philadelphia and I am trying to get to know a little bit about philipines and other expos. I'm hoping to find average height australian man a little more info in expo's and maybe meet a few people. I don't have any asian dating international real experience or any other expos, but I have a few things I can share with you guys to make your expos a better experience.

1. What's up with the expos.

I think there are a few reasons why these expos tend to be so great. First, the people are generally pretty nice. Second, there is a real sense of community. They are all there for each other. It's very easy to get a lot of information, and even better to see how other people think. And, third, the expos are usually very small. 2. The women are a little older than the men, but are not all that younger. This may not be a ladyboy makati big deal to most readers, but it's something worth mentioning. The age of the girls varies, but generally they are 20-25, and in some cases, it's as low as 10-12. The average age of the guys tends to be 25, and on rare occasions, it's closer to 20 or 22, depending on the location. 3. There are a number of girls out there, but there are also a few guys, and you have to do some research to find out who you really are. A lot of you will know exactly who you are, and I'm sure a few cupid date will be surprised at how you manage to find all of these girls, especially since the age range in this article is from 18-23. 4. Once you find one of these girls, you are going to have to be ready to go all in for them. Most guys don't do this. I know that a lot of guys who want to date Asian girls don't actually get around to researching the place, the culture, the girls, the country, the culture, etc. This article is for you guys. Here are a few more things to consider: 1. Make sure that you don't have anything negative to say about your Asian girl. This is going to be more important than any dating advice you might have read about Asian women or Asian dating. If you think you are a racist or something, then it's best to just avoid talking about this subject, as a lot of guys who are interested in this kind of thing, have said they won't date an Asian girl who is too good-looking and beautiful. 2. The only thing you need to know about this type of girl, is that you need to be really into her and not care about anything else. 3. It is not a good idea for you to do anything like talk about the size of her hips or the way her ass looks or any other "trash" topics. 4. If you are trying to get her to be with you, then you should ask her about her body first, before going on about other stuff. 5. You need to be willing to try new things and talk about it with her. 6. When you do a "friend" request (or a "date") ask if she will be able to be your girlfriend. 7. You should ask her what she likes to do on a date, or if you should wear something different and what kind of clothes she likes. 8. Once you do ask her out you will have to talk about it. 9. Ask her if she knows anyone that you can go to for advice, or you could look for something in a bookstore. 10. Do not be shy to ask for advice, and if she doesn't reply, you should go on. 11. I really like to date Asian girls, but I also know that some girls just can't get it together. 12. Don't tell her to go to the movies alone. 13. I also think that if you ask her to a dance and she doesn't want to, it's because she has other problems. 14. I know you are a nice guy. I'm not saying you're an angel, just that you might have a few issues you would like to take care of. 15. There are a lot of women you know in your school who are in love and would like to have children.