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The girls are the most important thing in all of the business in the Philippines. As I said before, I am from a different country than them but they don't see me that differently. I have tried talking to all the girls at the bar to see what they are like. I always try to get a girl's number and ask for a "date" but it does not always work out. This bar has the best girls. Some girls have the best bodies. I have never gotten a date from any of them but I never asked them to have sex with me so I am guessing that that is because they don't know that it is not a good idea. I have met all the girls in the bar. All the girls are beautiful but some are much prettier than others. The girls here are always very attractive to me. My friends who are in the area and I know a lot of people who go to the bar. But they don't have girls like the girls here.

One of the best things about living in a city like Manila is the great variety of nightlife, including night clubs, bars, and cafes. In the Philippines, nightlife is mostly concentrated in the capital city, although there are a few night clubs in the countryside. The best places to go for the night are the ones in the major cities. However, many smaller bars and clubs will also have dance floors. They usually feature a variety of women that you can date and have a great time with. Nightclubs are usually the largest clubs and will typically be popular with tourists. They are the best place to meet new girls because they tend to attract the hottest guys in the city and will have some of the most exotic dance floors. On the flip side, night clubs can be a lot of fun if you are into that sort of thing.

Where do I start?

Go to a party/club that you are into. If there is an "open bar", get a good seat. This is often the most crowded part of the party. You will philipinoteens want to make sure you get as far away from the crowd as possible. If you are alone, make sure to take a seat and don't stand in a crowd.