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We have all experienced the feeling when a girl you were with said something like this:

Me: Hey, we have been together for a couple of months, and now, I've seen a girl with a different haircut! Girl 1: Huh? What's a guy supposed to say when she just says something like that? Me: You must be so happy! She seems to know what she wants! Girl 1: Uh huh, it's hard to explain, but, it's just a new style for her. Me: Well, it is hard to describe, but it pinoy lovers sounds like a bit of a mess, what's the point in talking about it? Girl 1: No, it's not. I mean, I don't really like it. Me: Yeah, you look like you're about to go through puberty. What can I do for you? Girl 1: I just wanted to know your name, if you were going to naga male make a call, why not? Me: Sure, I'm sorry, how do you know my name? Girl 1: ladyboy makati Because you are very handsome. Me: I'm just very shy. Maybe you can call me 'Jasmine'. Girl 1: I'm not a girl.

A quick recap: She said "girl" like he meant it, but then he called her a girl and she didn't respond. He then tried to make conversation with her, but when she finally did respond, it was with a lot of "I'm so glad that you are with me" or "that means a lot to me", which made it clear that she was going to be with him for a very long time. I'm not sure why he said that. Girl 2: I'm not a girl. I'm not gay or straight, I just want someone who's cool. I want someone who I philipinoteens can hang out with when I'm drunk, or drunk and high and make fun of me, because I am not that person. Girl 2: I don't like that you think you are. I'm not cool, I like to be alone. Girl 2: You're not cool. You're not a good enough person to make someone like you. Girl 1: But you are. You're the hottest girl at school. Girl 2: How is that possible? Girl average height australian man 1: Why do you need me? You have the hottest friends in the school. Girl 2: I thought so. But you're... not as sexy as me. And I can't cupid date see that I have to take you up on your offer. Girl 1: It's alright. I asian dating international am going to use you a lot for the rest of my life. Girl 2: Sure thing.


In The Phantom of the Opera: A Man's Gonna Get His Way, the title character has this with his new bride, who he met when they were both prostitutes. He was so happy that he decided to take her to his home and play with her, making her very uncomfortable (but also turning her on). He then proceeded to play with her in his bed, making her feel even more uncomfortable. Her sister (in a dress) tried to get her to stop, but she said, "No, not yet!"

In Romeo and Juliet, the titular lovers are introduced to their "bros" in a brothel. While Juliet is a whore (and she's still a prostitute, but her position as a whore gives her more power than her husband, so she's the one who gets to keep her place), Romeo is a young man and thus can go anywhere he wants, so they can spend the night together. The brothel owner doesn't care and says that this is not a problem: "Oh, you're going to be so glad that you're not a lady-in-waiting, are you? You won't have to do any work tomorrow morning, either."


In The Phantom of the Opera, Don Juan is forced to sleep with the widow of one of his servants when she gives up her job. It doesn't work out very well, as he falls in love with her, and even goes so far as to propose to her, after she rejects him. The woman's husband doesn't approve.

William Shakespeare's sonnets are frequently set in brothels: Hamlet: But in this place I will have my pleasure: There I shall not want to be, nor shall I want to be, And I'll know what it is, for here I am. (There is a note in this that he will have his "pleasure" when he comes to love her) Othello: I am as good as gold in a brothel: Where is the pleasure in that, my sweet? Here my love has her pleasure, And she has her pleasure. I have no pleasure at all here: But I'd rather be at home. (Othello is the one who has to go) Hamlet: And if I would have my life at rest, My life would be so, as it is, But the pleasure of a whore is sweeter. Romeo and Juliet: And what pleasure, when it is over, shall we have? And what pleasure shall we then have in this world?

This is a quote from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. This quote makes sense, considering the main character from the film also lives in the same house. And since the house was built by the author himself in his home, it was in a very "hamlet" manner. But this isn't an allusion to "hamlet" in the way that we've been using it.

Here is an example of it. In the song, Romeo and Juliet goes through a whole series of tests, but in the film they only go through one. I personally believe that the scene in the film where they go to a supermarket, and there is a woman working, is supposed to be an allusion to the supermarket.

Here is a quote about it:

"Oh I thought it was the 'big one' but it turns out it was the only supermarket on the island. But then they had to try it.