Posted on Friday 2nd of October 2020 11:33:03 PM

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Dating Girls from the Philippines

There is a lot of news in the Philippines about the girls that are interested in traveling to the philipines. They don't seem to be as easy to get as the English girls who come here. They are also a bit more "in the red" than the English girls. A lot of guys who travel here will go to the country and ask girls for help. I have done it a few times. In one case, I was asked to help out. I didn't take a chance. I took a trip to the airport with a friend of mine and said "Hi I'm Phil" and then waited until he said to me, "Hey I want to fuck you". I didn't know what to do. I was in a rush because I had a date on Monday and had to get there in time. I was scared shitless of the guy who was there. The man didn't say anything. I asked him for a photo. He didn't give me a reason, just a picture. He then asked if I wanted to go down to the restroom, and I told him I was fine. He told me to come back when I'm ready and that he's not a bad guy. He then said that the lady who was waiting for him was a bit shy. The lady went to a different guy. The guy then left and got his lady a drink. He didn't seem to be in the mood to go with the same lady, I guess he was expecting something different. After he left I pinoy lovers was in the bathroom, looking at the picture in asian dating international the bathroom. I didn't even take my picture in time, because I saw his name in my email. I went to my computer, went to the pictures and found my girl in the picture. I felt great. She was a really nice girl. She was really nice to me. It felt good to be nice to someone, I felt like a man. I took out some of my credit card and put some money down for a plane ticket. When I got to my destination, I told my girl, "Well you know, you know I have to go home and get my ladyboy makati things together." She said, "Well you will just have to wait for me." I walked back to my hotel room and called my girlfriend. We started talking and it was a long talk, she told me about her life and how she was going to school to become a lawyer. She had to take a semester off, she was doing the math for the next semester. She said she wasn't going to take classes in philipinoteens school but she had to finish the first semester to get her degree. I told her that I couldn't stay in the country for that long, I just wanted to get out, but she said she was a woman of her word, I thought about how that might mean that she would naga male take me out for a drink. I made my decision. I left the country and she called me, she said "Are you coming to my party?" She said, "Yes. I have a party that I will invite you to". She said, "You have to be in this party" "What is it?" I asked. "The party of people that can't date women". She said "They don't have to be, you can join them. Come with me." So I agreed, and she said, "I have someone who wants to go to your party" "Me?" "It's okay. I don't care. Let's go together". "Yes", I said, "How much do you pay?" "100,000 pesos, it's easy". So I said "100,000, is it?". She said, "Yes, you're lucky you have someone as a friend" "Thank you, I have a girl friend. I know it". So I bought her a beer, and she gave me a call. I said "Hello, how are you? I'm looking for a girl that has a friend". She said "My name is Monica". I said "OK, but what does your friend do for a living?". She said "She's a lawyer, her brother is a doctor, and my mom runs the gym in a village here". I said "Well, I could help her, if you're interested" "Well, can I come to the gym too?" "Sure". I said. Then we got talking a little bit and got to talking about some things, and then she told me she has a boyfriend, and he's been in the US for several years, and he's in a relationship with her. I was really confused. I said "What does cupid date this mean?" She said "Well, when I had my baby in the US, my boyfriend came over and I gave birth. After he went to work, my mom said that he was supposed to take her with him, but he didn't and she ended up with the baby. That's how the whole situation started" "So it is a relationship?" I said. She said "Yes, it is" I said "Well how long does it last? Does he ever tell me when they're doing it?" She said "Nah, you know I always say they do this stuff together, I never really thought about it" I said "Is there anything you would do differently if you were on this trip?" She said "Not really, but I could definitely have a little more respect for him" I said "What do you mean by that?" She said "Well, he does love me, but when he comes over to the States, he's like, I don't know what to expect, but I average height australian man want to know if he likes me." I was like what do you mean by that? I'm not that interested in girls that I don't want to sleep with.