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I had a date with this girl on the 4th of November 2016

The girl naga male I met had a very beautiful face. She had short dark hair, dark eyes and a pretty good figure. She had a very cute face, a beautiful body, a pretty mouth and a great body! She had big tits and big ass. Her body was also really good.

She also had very nice legs. She had big firm ass and a good ass. We cupid date got on pretty good and started dancing.

About 5 minutes later, I turned asian dating international her down, but we ended up having sex. I don't know why. It's a pretty simple thing to say "I can't do this right now" and to ask her not to do something. I guess I was just tired. She was pretty nice, so she gave me a nice blowjob, and I gave her some hot blowjobs, too. We kissed, and she told me to cum in her mouth. So I did. She was pretty good at sucking, too. We ended up in the bedroom, and we fucked for a while, and then I gave her a nice, long one. She didn't mind, and started to take off her top. I asked her to do it again, and she said that she really didn't like to. It got me really hot, and I told her to get on her knees. We started kissing, and as I was kissing her, she got to her knees and she started to do this very sexy little dance, and it was amazing, so hot. When she came, I let her go and got up to move on, and she was so hot, she didn't even care. She just got down on her knees and licked my face. She was so cute, and I could tell she was the type who would like it. We made out in the bedroom, and after a while, we went to bed.

I didn't think I could keep it up for a long time, so I started kissing her a little bit longer. She had already turned around and was on her knees kissing my face. I didn't know she had done this to her boyfriend before, but she kept up the slow kissing thing, and I kept trying to push her away. Then I was thinking about her, and I started to move up and kiss her. She stopped, and said "You should go." But I wasn't going to. She had to get dressed. I wanted to take her out to eat some delicious food and get them both used to each other. She said "Oh, come on!" Then she grabbed a couple of coins out of my purse and started putting them in my purse. She said "What do you want with this?" and then "Don't you have something more valuable than this? I've been paying this guy off for 5 years." I was getting tired of it. So she pulled out a bottle of vodka. Then she started taking me philipinoteens to a bar. It was pretty late by then and she was really drunk. I got her drunk as well and I started to feel the effects of the vodka. She started to have a hard time talking. So I asked her to call the guy on the phone. She did and he told me he was out at work. So, I got up to leave but she was really drunk. So I took her back to her place. She wanted to have sex with me but I refused and she took her clothes off and said, "You know I've had sex with my boyfriend before?" So, I was like, "Sure I know." She started to kiss me and I wanted to fuck her, but I didn't want to give her head. So I told her to go take some sleep and then she would wake up. She said she would never wake up. So, I got up and walked to the exit. She said that was too late. She started to get angry and I grabbed her and grabbed her by the hair and said, "What the hell are you doing?! Why are you touching my hair?!" and then I threw her down on the bed. She kept trying to fight it off. Then I pushed her face down into the pillow. Then I started to rape her. I don't know if she even got an orgasm from it. It was brutal. After about 10 minutes, I started to ejaculate on her stomach. After that, she went unconscious. I got off her and went for a shower. As soon as I was about to leave the room, she asked me what had happened. I told her I had raped her. She then said she was so fucking mad I was the one doing it. I then had a good laugh about it and left her for a while. The next day, I started dating a girl from the philippines and I thought it was average height australian man a good idea. So I came back to the room where we had sex, then I told her about the rape. I explained how I could not stop because I was having an affair. She thought I was crazy, I said it was not about me, I just loved the relationship and we should be together. So she ended up pinoy lovers leaving me. So I told her to take a bath and I went and took a bath. When I came out of the bath, I was crying, I told her "we are done, I don't want to have another relationship" and she said ok but I could not ladyboy makati go back and I have to go to work because I am not working. She was upset and I was not.