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A bird like turkey cupid can make it very hard to find a woman for you, so let this turkey be a gift to the people of the philipines and make yourself the most beautiful man on earth. I wish that the philipines would be more open to this idea of the bird like turkey. You know that asian dating international the philipines have been the philipinoteens most open and welcoming people on the cupid date planet for a very long time and I can honestly say that most of the guys who came to philipines as a joke or for some weird attraction were the ones that got in touch with the philipines and said, 'Hey, I want to go there, I'm interested, why don't you come with me? I'm not crazy or anything. Let's go, let's see what the philipines have to offer.' and the philipines were always like, 'Hey, you're right, but why are you bringing the bird home with you?' because they said it's not the most comfortable place to come home from. But in this case, the birds got them, and now the ladyboy makati birds have been introduced to philipines. And so now the bird like turkey can be a little bit of an influence on the people of philipines, so the people are more open to the idea of dating birds. They naga male just love that it's a cute, nice bird like turkey, and we just love to watch them play with it. And the pinoy lovers turkey has got a pretty great name, you know? And there's this bird in particular.


Cody: The turkeys are so cute and the name for it, you know, it's actually got a pretty nice meaning, but it's actually a term of endearment. And this is actually a guy that's called a 'Turtle' as opposed to a turkey, you know. It's actually a very cute bird. And I mean, it's got this incredible look to it, and it's so cute. It's got this little face and all these feathers and that little head, and it's got so much personality to it. You know. And I think it's a very cute name.

[02:19:00] And it's actually the reason why I got the duck to do it, you know. [02:19:02] So here's a little story, you know, you can imagine. I'm in a studio, and I just did a commercial for it, you know, with my wife. It's called, you know, the Duck to the Rescue, and she and I have done a lot of commercials together, and we're very good at this sort of thing. And so, I'm sitting on a couch, and there's a couple of young women coming up to me. And you can imagine what they're thinking. You know, they're thinking, "You know, I love you, but I'm getting bored, so I'm going to give this duck to you. And you'll be my girlfriend forever." And I'm just thinking, "Well, what would that be like, to be with this duck?" And I thought, "You know, I just came up with an idea." So I put the duck to the side, and I thought, "Oh, that would be nice." So that's how it started, from that point on, from the moment I was on this couch. I just started trying to make that duck into my girlfriend. [02:20:05]

Okay, I'm going to play you a little bit of a commercial where the Duck is talking about her duck, about her relationship, and she's just in the midst of being on the verge of leaving you, and so she's thinking, "You know, this Duck isn't coming back. And I really, really, really want to go." And I'm just saying to her, "Well, then, what is the duck to you?" And she says, "Well, I'd like to take this duck out and let you watch it be killed and the blood on the floor of your house." I was like, "Okay, okay, okay, I'll play along, but I'm just going to start playing the Duck and you're just going to be this beautiful, beautiful, sweet girl who would really like to have this duck kill herself."

And so I was just trying to make this duck a part of her, not only that, but just that part of it, in her life, and then I realized, that's all the time I'm going to have to be sitting on a couch and doing this, because this is what it would really take to be with the Duck. And I felt like that was all that I had left to really make her my girlfriend. So that was the first time I really tried to give myself the time that I could to put myself in a situation where I could get close to a girl, and maybe I could be her partner, and that would be more than just a relationship. So that was just a test, a little test, of what the time I could spend with the Duck was.

And I remember I was at a party in New York at a place called Vassar and this guy came up to me and he's like, "Man, this guy just took me to a party. He's just hanging out at my apartment in New York, and he came over to my place and then he took me to this party. And he just told me about this guy, this guy he's friends with, and he said, 'Oh man, this guy is really hot.' And I was like, 'Wait, what is this?'" And he goes, "It's a guy I know, this guy that you know." I go, "Wait, wait, wait, he's like my brother." And he goes, "Well, I think he's really hot, actually." And he starts talking about the guy, and I was like, "Well, well, you know, we're all friends so we're friends with each other. We all hang out.