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#1 – "I met a beautiful fillipina girl and we became good friends. I would like to ask her out, but it is quite difficult. I don't have the courage." -Dana

"We had a good conversation, we were having fun. We kissed, she said she was very happy for me, she was happy that I was her friend. I said I was very happy and asked if we could go out, but she said no, I could only go to the bar and drink. She was a little upset and I was a little worried, but I didn't want to say I was afraid, because I really am not afraid. I told her if she was so scared she would ask me to go out with her, but she would say no. We had fun, it wasn't like sex though, it was more like that "friend-zone". She gave me a kiss and I asked her to go to the bathroom and we went in the bathroom together. She got up to leave, I was still kissing her, and she said "sorry, we have to get some alone time". We got out of the bathroom and I said "I really don't want to go alone", but she didn't believe me, so I let her go. She left with me and I didn't say anything.

She called me later and we had a fun conversation. She asked me if average height australian man I knew her. I said "I have no idea". She told me she was 16 and that she was going to a party at my place. "I have a boyfriend, he's 16", I replied "I think that's what you should do". She was very upset about this. Later that night I was sleeping. I woke up and there was a knock on the door. It was my friend from work. "Hey what's up" "Sorry I am not there. Come to my place for dinner". "Oh", she replied "I can't do that, I have to go home to pick up a few things". And so I did. I went to my friend's place and as I was getting ready for bed I saw this girl, she was standing right next to me on the sofa. I could see her legs and she was wearing black, but I didn't even notice, until I came back to my senses and saw her legs, I could just feel her pussy on me, my penis still hard and ready. She was looking at me and I was getting nervous and I told her "I am going to pick up a few things. Are you going to come over to my place?" she said "yeah of course, I know you like it here, let's go back to your place and we'll talk". As I was leaving she gave me her number, she said "if you want to come and get your cock sucked then you better call me and I'll have you do it". I called her, she was really nice and really friendly, and I asked her if she had any boyfriends and she said no, she was only attracted to me. She took me to her place, and after a while we started fucking, she gave me some oral, I was really turned on and it made me want to cum more, she then said "you want to cum right?" I told her that I would and I said "okay" and she started to take off her clothes, she got her pussy fucked pretty good, but I just wanted to cum and she told me to get on top of her, we did and we fucked, she went to sleep cupid date on top of me, so I got off her and she came in her panties, I woke up and she was gone, so I went to check her place, the apartment was dark, so I went into my room and I didn't see her, but I did see a poster asian dating international on my wall, it was for a porno, so I decided to fuck that girl. I went in and I started to get dressed and I was naked and I saw her in this porno and I was really turned on, I fucked her and I shot my load in her pussy and ladyboy makati I came for five minutes, she came from it too, she was pretty tired and she said "that was a good time, I hope you like it". She took me to her place and got me off her, she gave me some oral and she told me how much she loves me and she loves my cock, and I philipinoteens really liked it, she also gave me some pills for my sleep. As we were fucking she got on top of me and we started fucking, I started to feel a little tired, and I asked her to put some panties on, and she did and we had sex for about fifteen minutes, she came in her underwear, and after I came she told me "I hope you like it when you get hard, I can't wait to see your cock again". After that she took me out, I had a shower and she got me some food, then she took me to her house, she let me sleep there, and she brought me some clothes, and I said ok, she told me to sleep in my room, she started to fuck me, and after a while we stopped fucking, she put on some underwear and she was sucking my cock, and she was really turned on and she said "if you like this then come again, but you have to do what pinoy lovers I tell you", so I went to bed and she went into her room and I did what she said and I fell asleep, when I woke up I was naked and she was on top of me and she had some cum on her face.