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This article was written by the famous Tall filipina, Tanya from Thailand. Tanya was featured in several magazines. She has done many interviews and naga male has won many awards as a successful model. Her career started after she started her modeling career with Top Model in 2008. Tanya was very cupid date well known in the Philipines for her tall height. When she was a kid she was 6 feet tall and was very shy. But after she moved to Thailand, she started to build up her height. She always loved to play with her short friends. Her height has helped her to make many friends, and she has gained a lot of confidence. But her biggest achievement was her role in the reality show, The Tall One.

Tanya is a very pretty and charming girl. She is a beautiful face with a perfect body. Her legs are really long so she makes the perfect model. Tanya always wore her hair in a very long ponytail. She has a perfect figure. She is usually really smart, very creative and she is not afraid to do a job she doesn't like. She is very outgoing, a very nice girl and very fun to be with. Tanya likes to dance, play with dolls and to play with her boyfriend.

She also like to do a lot of things with her friends. She likes to sing and do all sorts of different things. She enjoys to have a good time. Her hobbies are sports, gymnastics, cooking, gardening, reading and dancing. For all these hobbies, she has many friends. Her friends are called "friends", for they are her family, she likes to call them her family. She is the daughter of an American, an Irish, a Dutch and a Greek man. She is a daughter of a Filipino immigrant and a Canadian. She was born in Manila asian dating international and has been living in Manila for about 5 years now. She is currently living in a small rented apartment, in the basement of a big chain hotel called The Biltmore. She is 26 years old, and has no children. Her father works as a carpenter, but has to be paid in cash. She is a very outgoing, very talkative, very confident woman, who loves people and who thinks of them as her equals. She is not really interested in any kind of relationships. When she finds a guy that is compatible, she can really get the hang of it, but she is extremely picky. The last guy she met was a very nice guy, but he had no chance of being with her. Her real goal, she says, is to be single. The one thing that she really likes, however, is a lot of fun and variety. Her father worked hard to put her through university, and when she graduated she was a university graduate. She says she is now pinoy lovers in her 30's, and she really doesn't want to get married. She thinks she has a lot of options, including starting a family and moving in with her father. She is also happy to be a single woman, and thinks it is much better than dating. Her parents don't approve of this, but she says they are willing to accommodate her. She is very much into her work, and plans on studying psychology and becoming a psychotherapist. She loves her boyfriend, who has recently moved out of their home, and she says that he is the man she wants to spend her life with. She doesn't want to date for the sake of dating, but wants to spend philipinoteens time with him and be close. She said she would like to move in with her boyfriend, and is happy with the lifestyle that the man lives. She says she was a virgin until she was 21, and that she has always fantasized about a relationship with a tall girl. She is willing to spend a lot of time and money to try and find one.

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