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Shierra is a sexy, cute and intelligent girl. She's a student, a teacher, and she's also a teacher's pet. She's not very good at this profession, but still she has the best of intentions and is a great mom. She loves to be the center of attention and does her best to make others feel her love. The one thing she loves naga male more than anything else is her own family. Read more of shierra:

My little girl has a crush on her teacher. She loves her to death. She does everything she can to please her. However, she is not a very smart or nice person. If her teacher does something wrong she lashes out and does what she does so that her teacher will get in trouble. This is a little difficult to deal with for the teacher as well because he thinks it's a nice thing for her to do.

She says that she will never have any problems with this teacher ever again. She is going to be a real pro and do everything to please her teacher. So, I asked her if I can give her an order and she did. I asked her for a lesson. So, after the lesson, I made her go to the bathroom, where she did a dance that was pretty funny. She did that in the bathroom because she didn't want to show it to the class. I was just about to take a break when I heard the teachers scream. I asked why. They said a girl tried to kill herself with an inhaler. She was average height australian man found in the bathroom, and had taken two inhalers with her. When I said that this is just another excuse for school violence, the teacher yelled "it's because you're a girl!" (or something to that effect). I told the teacher I didn't believe it at all, and went to the bathroom. I heard her yelling again. It was the teacher , and I told her it wasn't her. She got mad and said she didn't believe me, that I was lying. I asked her what was wrong with her, and she told me she didn't like me because I was gay. She called me a "faggot", and said I was wasting her time. She threw her chair at me, and threw her books and papers down on the floor. She kept on saying, "I don't want you to do this, I don't like you. But, if I have to do this to myself, I'll do it" - And I was like, wow. What is wrong with her? This was a huge turning point for me and I started crying. She called the police on me, and they took me to the police station. The whole place was so fucking scary. I don't know if they put me in there for questioning or not. I don't even remember my name, that's what's wrong cupid date with me. They took me to their van and took me outside. They gave me a sheet over my eyes, and the police said, "we need to talk to you about the fact that you're a prostitute". I didn't know what that meant at the time, but I thought, well then I can't go back to this town, it's so bad. And they took me outside, and I saw a group of men walking around, and then I heard a sound, and they were shooting at us. It was really scary, but I didn't know how I could tell if they were going pinoy lovers to kill us. I heard them saying, "come here, get up, get up", and then I looked at the police officer and he said, "no, we are not going to kill you, but we are going to put you in jail". And then I felt something, and I thought, oh shit, this is the kind of situation I was in, and this is what it means to be a prostitute. And we stayed there for a month, and we talked to the police and the people who were doing the shooting, and they told us it was just a coincidence that all philipinoteens of them went to this kind of place. Then we went back to our house, and it was the same house, but now the men were outside, and they were shooting at us from the balcony. And we stayed in that house for the rest of the day, and then we moved back to our town.

And I was a prostitute, and I went and told everybody how I am, and I told them that I would be very good at any work, and I also said that I was a good liar. And so then the police came and said, you know what, we will let you go. So the next day, we were walking to work, and we were all drunk and it was hot asian dating international and the streets were very crowded, and there was no light so you couldn't see ladyboy makati the girls. And it was really hot, and so we decided that it was very dangerous to go to work, and we left our house, and the people who were killing us, the cops, they said, come here, because it is very dangerous, so we went to the police station. And they said, well, I am sorry, but we can't arrest you. So, and so they said, no, no, no, it will be the cops' fault for shooting at you, and I remember the whole thing: and the cops were very sad and there was a funeral for me, and I remember that the cop who was the one who shot me was there and he said, well, I know how bad the news is. And the police told me they will not arrest me, and then I got to the end of the street, and I remember seeing a car in front of me.