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Rekka and Ria have been dating for a month. They are both

They live together pinoy lovers in a small village. They don't know each other, but they both have the same dream: to go to university. The only problem is they ladyboy makati don't have any money and they are desperate. It has been a long time since they last had sex and they want to have some fun.

They are on their way to a bar to watch some tv show. It was raining hard. They were not in a hurry. They knew it was the right time. There were two beautiful brunettes wearing black, and the one on the right had a long and sexy body, that would have made her a perfect girl for a guy like him. The blonde was a bit shorter and with a small waist and a cute butt. The brunette had a nice smile and a great looking ass that would make any guy in the world jealous. They were going to go to the bar with their friends. It was a nice place and there were lots of girls there to meet men that were looking for sex.

The guy started to walk towards her, while the brunette gave her boyfriend a friendly smile. He was a little nervous. He had never even met a brunette before and he did not know why she was so beautiful. He was not really attracted to blondes but he felt something was wrong with her. He thought maybe she was going to the brothel with him. The brunette average height australian man gave the man a hug before she walked off to meet him. "Are you okay?" The guy nodded, "yeah, that's okay." He was about to leave when he heard the brunette's voice. "Come with me, we will talk about it later, I'm already alone with you." "Thanks for the offer, I really appreciate it." "No problem, I have a nice hotel that has a great view." The brunette left. The guy was still nervous, it was a bit strange for her to say that he was alone with her but he would do anything for a girl like her. "Bye, I love you." He hung up. The girl said her goodbyes and walked off. The next day. The guy waited for a cab to come and pick him up. "I think I'm ready. I'm just going to sleep on my bed, there's plenty of room, it's the biggest I've seen." He walked into the cab, "I'll be right back." He sat in the back seat, the woman was still waiting for the cab. "What's your name?" "Shabani, my name's Shabani. I'm from the philipines." "How old are you?" "Twenty four. I came here to try and find a mate. I know what it's cupid date like to be lonely. I want to try to make some friends." "Where are you from?" "Philippines, I'm from the island of the Phillippines." "Are you good looking?" "I'm beautiful. I like to dress pretty. I like nice things. I like the color purple." "What's your name?" "I'm named after the king of the Phillippines, Sultan Selim." "What's your nationality?" "I'm from the Philippines." "Are you male or female?" "Male. I like to dress feminine." "Do you like to wear makeup?" "Yes. I think it makes me look pretty." "What are you doing in the Philippines?" "I am in search of a beautiful woman for me. But I don't have a girl right now. I just like a nice guy." "Do you want to live in the Phillippines?" "Yes! I like it here. It's beautiful and I like the weather." "Is that how you are going to pay for philipinoteens this trip?" "Yes." "Are you interested in a job here?" "No. I like a life of luxury. I'd like to be able to fly on the plane, stay in the best hotels, and have great food." "How long do you intend to stay in the Philippines?" "I'll stay here for six months." "Is there any asian dating international kind of job that would interest you?" "I want a job that helps me make a living. I like to work with naga male my hands." "What are your feelings about the Philippine government?" "They're very nice people. I don't mind working for them, even if it's hard. But I don't like the way they're doing it." "Do you know about the political system in the Philippines?" "Yeah. I'm not too interested in politics, but I like to learn a little bit about it. I don't want to be left out, or have to be the second fiddle to the president." "Do you have any specific plans for the Philippines?" "Well, there's a lot I want to do, but I have to study. But the things I'm interested in are probably the most important. You see, the people who are living in the Philippines are very well off, and they need more help than I can give them. So I think I'll get to know some of them. Maybe I'll even have the chance to do a little work on them, like teach them some things." "What about you?" "I don't know. I'm not exactly sure about how to behave around them, and I've never really been able to figure out what I want to do with my life. So… you know, maybe I'll have to think about it. I'm not really that interested in living on the outskirts of the city, or any of that. It would probably kill me, actually. I guess I'm just a normal person who likes to see some girls and talk to them, though. I don't like the thought of them being the only ones I've ever seen. And I'd like to know more about them, and find out a little more about myself…

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