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One thing that makes the Philippines so hot girls are the "exotic" things they wear. The most popular items to wear here are the shorts and leotards. The shorts, as we said before, are the most popular item in the Philippines. This is mainly because Filipino women are very well known for their ability to wear any kind of shorts or leotards. The reason why there are so many shorts is because a average height australian man lot of girls can't afford a pair of shorts, or they have to wear an outfit philipinoteens with a short top. There are more short dresses available here in the Philippines than anywhere else on earth, because Filipinas prefer to wear short dresses. For a long time, the leotards have been the more popular item to wear for the females of the Philippines, but lately the shorts have started to be the number one choice. Why? Because the leotards are comfortable, you can wear them to the beach, in the gym, at the office, etc. You can also have fun in these leotards!

One of the best ways to find out more about the Philippines is to visit a city called Pampanga. If you visit it in your mind, you will think of the beaches, beautiful people, and the friendly people of this beautiful city. In fact, the main reason why Filipinos love Pampanga is because they can always come back to visit it. When we are in Pampanga, there is always something new to do. We just can't get enough. When you go to Pampanga, you will see this picture:

It looks like an adorable baby!

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