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1. Jasmine Sainz

Jasmine Sainz is a beautiful canadian who has gotten her fame due to her sexy look, but she also knows how to do her job as well. Jasmine is a native of Singapore, and she's very well known for her sexy smile, great body, and amazing figure. Jasmine Sainz is currently doing her makeup, which is so sexy it's worth the price. You can check out more of her amazing makeup tutorials on her Instagram account here:

2. Melissa T

Melissa T is a canadian beauty that's had the biggest hit with her sexy facial, and she's done so well that she has earned the title of the best facialist in Canada. Melissa T has a very nice body, and she also knows how to work her facial. She's got a lot of fans due to the fact that her facial is one of the hottest in the whole world.

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The most beautiful woman in the world, this average height australian man one comes from Singapore. I have seen her in various media outlets and magazines, but this is the first time that I have actually met her in person. I first met her during the 2013 G20 in Singapore and I could see that she was very beautiful. I was very attracted to her and as we started talking, it dawned on me that I was actually looking at a woman who had a huge smile on her face and had cupid date the biggest smile I had ever seen on anyone. She was really the sweetest, kindest person I have ever seen and she was really passionate about things. She is just a beautiful, gorgeous human being. When we were about to get to know one another more, she told me a little bit about her past and I was in love. We ended up going to the airport for our first date, and I really wanted her to go with me, but she refused and she insisted that I should go with her. I was so happy that I went along with her and it is the most important date of my life.

In the beginning of this relationship, she was very shy and very shy about me and the fact that we were going out together. I was not really into the way she acted. I just felt really awkward. She was like "we shouldn't be doing this" but it didn't work out like that. She was kind of into it though. We ended up doing it, so now I am dating her.