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Cassie's personality traits are the best. She's the type of girl who likes everyone around her, loves her friends, and is never jealous. She is also really smart, and she's been the leader of her school, since she's been a senior. Cassie is a good girl with a great attitude. She is always willing to help the less fortunate. Cassie is from the southern United States. She's very popular in school, and also has the highest average IQ of all the girls in school. She's got a really good personality and a lot of friends. She is very well endowed, and also very athletic. She's quite tall and thin, and she looks like a very athletic teen. Cassie is a virgin. This is a fact that many people who are not in the know know. Cassie and her parents are really happy about this fact, so much so that they've made it a point to never have sex again. Cassie lives with her parents in the same town, which is the reason she's so popular. Cassie lives in a small town in the philipines. Cassie is very shy and quiet. She likes to wear dresses for school and has lots of friends. Her school is very strict and naga male strict girls are not allowed to asian dating international be friends with Cassie. Cassie is the only girl who doesn't have friends at her school, but she is friends with the other girls. Cassie's dad is a very rich guy and wants Cassie to marry him. Cassie is average height australian man very much in love with her dad, but she is very nervous. Cassie is worried that her dad will beat her up if he finds out that she is still married. Cassie has a secret boyfriend, a guy named John. Cassie and John are friends, and when Cassie is around John, he can't seem to stop making love to her. Cassie was recently discovered by her mom, who was working at the hospital. She has decided to go with her mom to work. Cassie is so scared, that she doesn't dare to go in her room, so that her ladyboy makati dad will not find out what she did. Cassie and her dad make love a lot, and Cassie was able to get a lot of information from her. Cassie is not happy with her dad for beating her up. Cassie has told her dad to kill himself, and that he should never get involved with her. But her dad still loves her and doesn't want her to get involved with anyone. Cassie is determined to get him to change.