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It was just crazy how many different languages and different dialects of conversation we had in our room. We did a bit of research on these chat rooms because it was hard to find online and I wanted to find the one I could be comfortable with. I ended up doing a little research on this chat room and it turned out to be super awesome. We had a ton of different people that we could talk to. We had some crazy, awesome, sweet conversations. I also wanted to start looking into different aspects of this chat room because I had an idea of how I could get my life together to meet other girls and meet some asian dating international guys to talk to. And then this girl who I met on here wrote me and told me that they were in their room right now. She wrote that they had to go, but they were not there yet. I was shocked. I'm from New York City and these were pinoy lovers my first words to a girl I had just met. I was at this hotel, I was going to meet this girl. I was thinking that she might be in her room to hang out. I called the girl and asked her if she could hang out. She said she was at the hotel at the moment and cupid date she didn't feel like going. I thought she was joking. When she answered the door, I found out she was in bed with a friend. I went to see her, but she wasn't there. I came back to my room and I asked her if I could leave with her for a while, but she said it was not an easy thing.