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I've had this dream that my pen pals are my family (or at least they feel like it). They're like my brothers. I mean, we have the same parents and we look alike, but they're not. They pinoy lovers all look different, with different personalities, different interests, different things they want. Some of them are really nice, and some of them are not, I don't know. But they all love me. And when I look at my pen pals, I see the people I want in my life. So that is the reason I wanted to come out of this dream and start naga male to show people about this blog.

But before I get into that, let me tell you about the pen pals. I have to start with some background. I came across a blog about how pen pals are not necessarily like real friends. That's not true. A pen pal is someone who you trust and will get to know. One of my pen pals is an artist, so there's no question she can be a real friend to me. In fact, a lot of these pen pals are artistes or artists that I know very well, but it's just because I trust her so much that I've had to find my own pen pal. But that's not all. There are some common characteristics of the pen pals that I wanted to share. Some of you may know me from the blog, or maybe you've heard of me before. My friend that I'm talking about is a lady artiste that I've met quite a few times. She's actually a friend of mine from back when I was younger and I used to make sketches of her in my notebooks and stuff. I always thought that it was funny that she made drawings of me when I was little, especially since I would sometimes find them at random places like under my bed, sometimes even on the floor. Anyway, I met her a while back and she came to my apartment and said that she was going to do an exhibit on pen pals. She told me that she was also a pen pals, and that she could have me as a pen pal. So I said okay. I was in the middle of work when she was already gone. So we went to her place and she showed me a few drawings of the same girl. Then she showed me some drawings that were made by her. I asked her if she was the girl who made those drawings. She said, yeah, she was the one who drew those. She said that these were not her drawings and she asked me to leave. I said I have to be nice, it's just some drawings. The girl was in her forties and had a lot of hair. She had a really pretty face and I liked her. So we went to the pub. The girl said that I could make her a drink. I said yes. I took her to her flat, and she sat on the sofa with her back towards me. And then I said to her, "I'll get this thing going." I turned on the machine, and the bar was filled with people. But she didn't look like that. I got in the way and made her sit up and then I said, "OK, I'll get this thing going. Can I make this a drink?" And I was still holding her hand. And the girl said, "Yes." And she got up and she took the beer bottle, took her clothes off. She looked very sexy. I was like, "I'm really glad you philipinoteens didn't see me." She took her beer bottle and she started to walk away. I took her and I said, "This is going to be so much fun. It's time we went. What's this?" And I started walking toward her. And she turned around and she said, "Oh my god! I love this!" And she said, "I love you, too." And she gave me this big kiss and she took her shirt off. And she just sat there and she kissed me and we started to kiss, and we had a very nice time. It was very hot and sexy. And I just thought, "This is gonna be so much fun." And she was, too, and she was very sweet and she was such a good sport.

What's your favourite kind of music in the Philippines? I like to listen to anything. I'm just very lucky to have such a wide variety of music around me. I think it's just because I'm an American that, like, everything is just so much more fun. It's more open-minded. You don't ladyboy makati have to be a connoisseur to have fun, you know? I just find it really fun. It's very easy to do because, like, everything I like is everywhere. It just seems like that. So, I guess I'm the only one who can't enjoy everything that everyone has, and then, you know, it's kind of fun.

I would imagine, I don't know, in the western world, there's cupid date some sort of stigma of having, you know, a hook-up. Maybe it comes from people who, like, are trying to impress you, or you know, you just don't feel like a real person if you don't have sex with somebody. But in the Philippines, you know, people are very open to it. I mean, it's just like, I mean, like, there's so many things going on. Now, you know, when I talk to people who are really good with women, I'm just like, "Wow." And you know, you can't believe that. But, you know, there's some very, you know, good-looking guys who can't get laid in the Philippines, and then there's like, "Oh, I've been to Thailand, and, you know, I got laid there, I just went back and there's like, two girls that are like, hook-ups, or, you know, there's a whole bunch." It's not average height australian man like I'm saying, "Oh, the girls there are so beautiful," I just mean that it's the opposite, it's kind of like, in Thailand, I didn't have that problem, I wasn't, like, like, just asian dating international not attracted to anyone, you know? So, it's like, they're like, "Oh, we had sex, and it was amazing, and we're still friends." And, you know, that's all, like, I'm just, I don't think that's the situation for women in the Philippines.