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I'm a single girl from philippines, i live in san diego. my boyfriend was born and raised in china, and when i was around 9 years old he told me he was going to visit me, so i asked him to come to my house and i took him there. he was super scared because i was 9 years old and i was wearing a bikini at the time and i was also wearing a short skirt, i could only see half my body, and he was just as scared as i was. i didn't get my period until 6 months later, and then i went back to my country and started taking birth control, and i am sooo glad that i did. now my boyfriend is 6 years old, and he is the cutest, most loving, and most amazing boyfriend i've ever met. he has my back and i have his back, and i can sleep with him anytime i want because i know that he loves me. he's been a great help with school too, and now we want to be together forever. but the problem is that he's really, really shy and he's never been able to let me be the one that he wants to be with. i was only 10 and i had a really bad body, so he couldn't handle the fact that i was only a little bit bigger than him. i was always getting compliments from other girls about my body, but then he always acted like he was like, "but why?" and then he would make fun of me when i was taking care of him. like, "i'm not a girl, i'm a boy." i didn't know what to do, so i decided to just say that to him in his presence. he stopped being so shy and was very happy. but i felt so bad because when i look in his eyes, i see that he really wants me. but then the problem is that i really don't want him to. i was a virgin so i was pretty shy about the whole thing. so then he would just act like i'm making things up because i've never had a boyfriend before. he would then go into some sort of relationship and do things to me that i would never want to do to a boy. i was afraid to leave asian dating international my family and friends because the idea of not being loved was terrifying and i didn't think the government would be able to do anything about it. then i felt so hopeless i stopped trying to meet up with him.

it has been a few months now and we have been doing well but i was really thinking that i had a pretty good idea of how he would act towards me and i thought i would always be the one with the problem. so then i had an idea. i want to date a girl with a lot of friends. i'm not really a social butterfly but i think i might be good at being a friend. i thought i'd ask a friend for advice on that. and we spoke about how to find a girlfriend. the friend said to try online dating. so i did that, and we started talking. i'm not that great at it but i really like talking to girls. the next step was just to call a naga male girl and be casual. and we were talking for like an hour and a half. the first night i went back to her house, and she took my hand and walked towards me. she was wearing a blue blouse and blue jeans. she gave me a hug. and as i walked towards her, she asked me if i was lonely. she took out her phone and put on the music on repeat and told me how her ex boyfriend liked to talk to her all the time and how he wanted to cupid date make her feel like his own personal friend. and that she was glad he would let her talk to me. she told me that she wanted me to philipinoteens go out with her because she was a virgin and was afraid of guys.

she was really cute, and i wanted to take her home, but we were both busy that day.

and i told her that i would be happy to take her out. after a while, i was starting to think that it was a mistake when i heard a phone ring. my heart skipped a beat because i felt bad, so i grabbed the phone and heard my sister calling me. she asked me to get off of her because she average height australian man wanted to talk to me. and when i got off ladyboy makati of the phone, she asked me where my room was. i said i didn't have one and told her that we have to get dressed. and she said "ok" and left the room. i was so pissed. i just said "what's up?" and asked her "where do you live?" she said "im in a little town called kandu". and then we went back pinoy lovers to my room. and she put her hand on my waist and said "it's so funny that you have the same name as my sister". and i was in so much pain. i said "i'm a virgin". and she said "why is that? we know you're a virgin and i'm a virgin too". and then i just wanted to run away. it started on monday. i was in my room at home. and i was so scared. i could not sleep. i started to cry on monday night. i was going to see the therapist and he told me it's a normal thing to be afraid of. and i told him it was.