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Mozambique is a small country on the southeast coast of Africa in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean. It was founded by Portuguese in the 15th century and is now the 5th largest country on the continent. It has two main cities, Port Elizabeth and Maputo, located in South-East Africa. The capital of Mozambique is Maseru, and the city of Maputo is located in East Africa. There are a number of languages spoken in Mozambique: English, Portuguese, Fula, Swahili, Bantu, French, Zulu, Zulu-Buranga, and Cuscoan. There is also a large number of dialects spoken in the country, the most famous being Swahili. Mozambique is the most ethnically diverse country in the world. In fact, if the whole world were a homogeneous group then there would be no Mozambique. There are some parts of Mozambique where the people speak the languages of the British Empire. This is why many people consider Mozambique to be a British colony. This article is about the slang and lingo that is spoken in Mozambique, and is very important to understanding the country. If you are planning on visiting the country, make sure to read up on these words.

Mozambique is an African country located on the West coast of Africa. The landmass is made up of over a dozen islands and the majority of the population are Portuguese and South Americans. There are a number of Spanish speaking parts of the country as well. The country was colonized in the 16th century by Portugal, as well as the Dutch, who had previously settled there. After independence, Mozambique was ruled by Spain for over 100 years. However, after independence, the Portuguese abandoned their rule of the country and it was a Portuguese-only country for almost another 150 years, until 1994. The country's GDP is around $3.6 billion in 2012, and the economy has been growing steadily since its independence. Mozambique was previously part of the Portuguese Republic until the country was annexed by Portugal in 1798. The Republic is currently governed by the Portuguese National Assembly. The country has a population of around 1.7 million, making it the second most populated country in the world, behind the United States. Mozambique is a small nation in the southwestern part of Africa, with a capital city called Maputo and a total population of about 200,000. The country's highest peak, Mount Kilimanjaro, can be reached only in the northern part of the country, where it rises above 6,500 feet. There are about 1.4 million residents, and it has been a major port since the colonial period, which began in 1718. The city of Maputo is located on the main highway linking the city with the rest of the country. Mango (macaw) trees and a variety of other wildlife call the city home. Mango trees are the second largest tree species in the world and are found mostly in tropical areas of East Africa. A large variety of birds including birds of paradise and black-tailed godwit, as well as other birds of prey, are found in the surrounding forest. Mango trees can be found throughout much of the city's interior. There are many trees that produce a green, fragrant sap, such as apple orchards, mango trees, and other trees. Mango trees, when harvested, are a source of fiber, and many restaurants in the city will provide a drink made of molasses and molasses syrup. Most of the cities water is derived from molasses. The city has a large number of large rivers and lakes. The largest of these is the Raritan River which is located in the southern part of the city. It forms the eastern boundary of the city, and its length is about 2,200 meters. The city is also home to several islands that are located within the city, with the largest being the Island of Poughkeepsie, the biggest island in the city. The island is also a popular fishing spot and a tourist spot. The water is the largest of the city's water sources and most of the water in the city comes from this source.