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Dating in the philipines is not all about physical attraction and is more about the person you meet as a person as well. This may mean the following things:

You should be open minded and not limit yourself, it's not just about men. This means that you can meet the most beautiful girls in the philipines without feeling a pressure from men who are trying to date you. This is a fact that I have come across in the past, I will explain it here.

1) Be open-minded to everyone, no matter how much you date with some girls and not others. This is not a reason to hate men but a reason to not be rigidly judging what you date. In a very short period of time you may find that you have met some pretty hot girls who you would not have ever considered dating, and there is nothing wrong with this. 2) Don't be scared to approach a few of them, it is not just some girl who doesn't like men, it is a huge population in philipines. This will save you some time, a lot of tears and money. 3) Don't judge a book by its cover. 4) Don't assume that the girl is going to take you seriously if she says no. 5) Don't be afraid of getting rejected by the girl. If a girl tells you she doesn't like you, and she knows it, then it is okay. 6) Don't give up. If you are still interested in a girl after you have tried, then that is the girl you are after. 7) Don't be shy to ask for advice, or tell ladyboy makati a friend about your problem. 8) Be honest with yourself. Don't keep secrets, or keep it inside. 9) Don't pinoy lovers use your girlfriend as a punching bag.

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