Posted on Thursday 1st of October 2020 12:51:01 PM

What is an Access Pass?

In order to access access to your website, your web browser, your favourite social networking services, etc, your email address has to be entered in your browser's address bar. A great way to learn about it is to look at this article.

What you need to know

First of all, your access pass is stored in your computer and you can use it in multiple ways. The most common use is that it is required to access services you don't have on your computer such as social networks.

In case that your access pass has to be shared with someone else, a way to do this is to enter a password in the "shared" part of the access pass. This way, it is shared with everyone who can access it. So if I was to tell you that I need to know your login details and password in case someone wants to access my access pass, you could enter those details and I could access your access pass on your computer. That's the common usage.

When you use this way to share the password, remember that you can also set a separate login for someone who isn't a member of your organization. The way to do that is to use the "other" login in the shared part of the pass. You can then set the login and password for another user, if they don't already have it. So if you share the password with your server administrator, that password could be shared with the administrator. If you need to share a password between different servers on a single computer, there's another way. It's called "password exchange" or "password vaulting". It's a way to allow two or more people to access to a computer (using different passwords) and keep all their access secrets secure.

When I was starting this article, I had no idea that password exchange existed. It is available on most major operating systems and on a number of different websites. What I have to say here is only my opinion, based on what I have seen and read in other articles on this topic. Here's what I have learned.

I would like to add that this article is not about the actual security of passwords. It's about how to set up and use them. If you don't know how to use a password, please don't read this article. You'll likely regret it.

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