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So, we have the title of the comic, "How to tell if a man is gay, and how to find a girl to date." This is what we have to work with in my little town. The town was so small and so homogenous that the only people I knew from here were my grandparents and my father. The only thing that made the town interesting were all of the things that we all did to pass the time. My grandfather worked in the bar, and he would tell me stories of the day's activities. He would tell stories about when the boys would come around to the bar and drink beer. I would often sit and listen. He had an impressive collection of beer and whiskey bottles, and he always had a couple bottles or cans of rum. My mother would always make me a little rum as a treat, but she loved the rum. My father was the most famous man in town, so I didn't see my father as a target. I was raised with my grandfather in a small house, and my uncle who lived upstairs was also very famous. He was very quiet and shy, but he was very proud of my grandfather and the family name. I can remember my grandfather giving me a picture book of famous people that I can't remember right now, and it was like one of those pictures of the Pope. I was always very ladyboy makati excited to see my dad or my uncle, and it was so cool philipinoteens to meet the people in the picture, too. When I was a little girl, I would ride my bike by the family's house all the time to see them.