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For my part, I love meeting people and finding out about their interests and what they do. I was fortunate enough to meet a girl in the PH, who happens to be a great model and I'm super excited to meet her and her family too. In fact, this will probably be my next blog post, where I'll tell you how I met her and what we did. It's going to be the same for you, if you're interested. Anyway, I'd like to hear about the PH girl you met at a party. Any ideas on who she is, what she likes, or what you saw or did. Just share it in the comments below. This article is also a part of my PH travel series - " Meet the PH girl " I'm so excited to announce that my next blog will be a photo series! I've just started this, and I want you to get a sneak peek of it before it's out, so make sure you check back here. It's called " PH girl, and I'm pinoy lovers really excited about it! You may know me from my blog, The Philippines Girl. I'm really happy about this! But before we get into the photos, let me share this article that I wrote about my experience with a PH girl: This is a photo of my PH girl that I shot just a few days ago. If you are one of the people who know this girl, or you have ever been with one, then you know she is a great girl. She is pretty, she's intelligent, and she is very approachable. She will also show you that she has a lot of friends and relatives, which is something to make her very happy. If you haven't yet found the PH girl, make sure you are going out with one of the guys in this article. Then you'll get to meet one of the best girls in the philippines. Meet philippines girl I'll naga male just give you a short intro to her so that you can understand her. This girl is a 19 years old student who is studying abroad. She likes the same people as her fellow student, her family and friends. She lives in a nice apartment and she wants to go to a nice restaurant. But this is all she wants. And I think that her love for a nice restaurant is the reason why she loves you so much. Meet philippines girl Now let's see if there's anything about this girl that we know. I'm going to give a few examples, maybe we'll get some suggestions as to what the girl's background might be. But just in case you get confused by some of the things I mention, don't worry. It's only a little bit different than you would imagine from the photo.