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• I was born in Manila, raised in Singapore and spent 6 years in Hong Kong. I lived in the Philippines for 5 years and worked in Manila for 4 years. I have been a virgin for the past 1.5 years. Now, I am married with children. My husband's name is Alan. He has a good job and he is a nice guy. He naga male treats me well, and we enjoy living together. I don't want to date and he knows that. My other preference is guys with a lot of money. I want a man who makes me happy and who knows how to treat me like a princess. But Alan is not interested in that kind of relationship, as he is married. I am not sure what to do about this. I would like to date in the future, but average height australian man I have to wait for him to be in a good condition before I go on dates. Is there a man out there that I should be looking for? Alan is married, and I don't want to date someone like that, as that would be a very unpleasant experience, because it is the opposite of my nature. Please, help me find Alan.

Hi: I am so happy to hear about you Alan. I have been searching for a male who is interested in getting pinoy lovers to know a woman, who is also a philisologist and not only is this a big turn off to me, but also I like that you are a man of a higher education and that you philipinoteens work for a research group on philology. The best part is that I have an understanding that my search is actually very good and that Alan is just one person. I have had my eyes on you for quite some time and I have been very surprised at how nice you are and the fact that you have the right amount of patience. I am interested to know how you know so much about philology and I will be sure to keep up with you and see if we can work something out. Thank you so much for your reply Alan. Hi Alan: I have been looking for a man who will be interested in meeting a woman from the Philippines. I have read a few books on philology, but I am not very knowledgeable, and I am still not very popular. I am a bit nervous but I am hoping to find somebody. I am from philipines and I asian dating international love to travel and am always trying to meet new people. I hope this is ok. I look forward to hearing from you. Best Regards, J. M. from philipines (Asia)

Love this place!!! Thanks for all of your help. I've been here a few times, and loved it. Great location, friendly staff, and the bartenders are awesome! The place is always busy and so much fun. Thanks again for making this experience so wonderful! - K. B. from philadelphia (USA)

This is a fantastic restaurant! Great staff, delicious food, and a beautiful view of downtown. The atmosphere is always casual and the food always good, with only the best service.

This restaurant is awesome. The owner, Mr. Ramanathan is an amazing person. He gives you a great price, is friendly and helpful and he has so much great food. I have been coming to this restaurant almost since I moved here. He does all the cooking. The atmosphere and staff is always really good. I would absolutely recommend this restaurant to any Filipino person who is in the Philippines. Here is my story. I went for dinner with a few people. I had a great experience. Everything was excellent. The ambiance was excellent. The service was excellent. There were a few bad experiences. The service in general was quite poor. The only problem I had was that there were not enough female staff to serve our party of 5. We ordered the following dishes:

1st course: Chicken Rice with Garlic (I like my rice light, but I still ordered it) 1st course: Beef Stew with Balsamic Chicken (I didn't like my meat too much, and it tasted kind of like beef soup) 1st course: Porridge with Soy Milk (I wanted a soy milk porridge, but didn't get one) 2nd course: Papayas (I didn't like papayas at all, but it's a local food, so maybe I like the taste of them) 2nd course: Saffron Stew (this one was kind of spicy) 3rd course: Truffle Rice with Green Peas cupid date (I like this rice a lot, but I couldn't find the ingredients on the internet) 3rd course: Duck Curry (I don't like duck curry, but it's the name of a famous dumpling in the Philippines, so maybe I'm a sucker) 3rd course: Chocolate Caramel with Sugar 4th course: Green Salad with Chard (I just tried it because I was excited by it, but I really didn't like it) 4th course: Chocolate Pancake with Dried Coconut (this was an exception to the rule because I actually liked it) 4th course: Chicken Fried Rice with Dried Tomato (I really like chicken fried rice and don't like tomatoes, so I just tried this one) 4th course: Pumpkin Pie with Peanuts I didn't eat the rest of the dessert because I don't like sweets, but I can tell you that the food was delicious. The waiter gave me a lot of tips when it came to ordering, but it's ladyboy makati not necessary to know what the waiter is telling you when you order. I don't think it's necessary to eat any of this food, but if you want to try it, it's pretty delicious.