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1. She's not really interested in your "best friends" or your "good looking friends". 2. She might not be a virgin. 3. She has "friends" or "best friends". 4. She is very smart and well educated. 5. She likes you because you're a man. 6. You can always count on her to be loyal to you. 7. She's not afraid to speak her mind and will always defend you or help you when you need it. 8. You will always have her on your side even if you're a total dork.

This article cupid date was originally published in 2013 and is in need of updating. It was written by a professional in a position of authority within the industry and is not a fanon. I am not attempting to defend these women's character or the industry in general. All I want to do is to show you that when it comes to relationships with hot women you really can't go wrong. 7. She wants to have a relationship with you because she naga male likes you and you're the only guy in her life The first and most important thing to realize is that the majority of girls want to date guys who are similar to them. In reality there is nothing more that a girl's age, appearance or personality gives her away than a relationship with a guy who she can only look up to. In the past you could tell a girl that her boyfriend is much smarter than she is and she could be more than happy to date him. However, in the modern world things have changed and the more attractive girl has been told to change her mind or to just look up the next man.