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1. How do you know if you are really Filipino?

You may not naga male like it, but there are plenty of people who don't like to use "Filipino" when talking about themselves and/or others. This can cause a few awkward situations and some people just don't want to admit that they have the Filipino language skills that is part of being Filipino. If you can't tell, you are not Filipino. If you do know, don't be too bothered about it. Most Filipinos are just as smart as the rest of us. We just want to be recognized.

2. What do Filipinos eat? Filipino food is delicious. We are all familiar with it. Filipino street food is not the best but it's a big deal. They have many traditional average height australian man Filipino dishes and the best part is that they never use any pork in the dish. I will show you some of them here. The fried prawns with a sweet pepper sauce is one of my favorites. We have the fried chicken, the shrimp and it is the best. The fried fish cake with peanut sauce, chicken with spicy sauce, prawns, and chicken curry are great to enjoy. I also think the fried fried chicken with chicken and banana pudding are worth trying. The coconut milk is good, the rice is good, and asian dating international the beer is good. We always have some, sometimes it is only for one beer. The restaurant is a little bit big but if you want to sit, you will be pleased. The parking lot is very wide and the entrance and exit is very clean and open. You ladyboy makati can walk in, leave and come back in, it's a very good thing. This is the best place in philipsburg and the best food in philipsburg! The restaurant is very easy to find as it is right in the center of philipsburg. It's very convenient. I've been to it on the weekends and have had great success! The staffs are really friendly and helpful. I really enjoy the food. I love their seafood. Also, the beer is fantastic. I've been to the other location and they really make it worth a visit. If you go, it's definitely worth a second visit!

My daughter and I have been here many times, so far. They have a lot of local options. We ordered a few things: Fried Rice with Spicy Sauce, Spicy Tofu, and Seafood. All were delicious! We also got the katsu and cupid date the katsu maki. We both loved it. We will definitely come back. It's a great family-friendly spot with lots of seating to get the whole family to go.

I've had good experiences at all my other Hawaiian places. My favorite is at Kapolei in Honolulu. The staff is extremely friendly, the food is delicious and the atmosphere is very festive. This is a really great place to eat and I will be back.

Came here for a quick lunch break in Waikiki on a weekend night. We got the grilled fish roll and the crab legs. The fish roll was amazing. The roll was juicy and had plenty of crab on it. I also had the crab legs and loved it. The crab pinoy lovers legs were juicy too. The portions were huge. The prices are pretty reasonable. We left hungry and wanting more. We will definitely be coming back.

I really want to like this place, but I'm not sure if I will. I ordered the steak, shrimp, and eggplant, and the portion size is pretty large. For the price, you are only getting the meat and seafood, and nothing else. The service was kind of slow, the waitress was not really attentive. The eggplant is overcooked and the shrimp is a little undercooked. I didn't feel the rice was that good either, which is disappointing. There is a salad bar, but I don't know how to order it. The steak was a bit dry and philipinoteens a little dry. I don't understand why they would recommend you get steak for a hot appetizer if the steak they have was so dry and dry. The salad and the eggs were fine.

This was a first rate dinner. I ordered the salmon roll. It was well prepared and good. The staff were very friendly and made sure that the food arrived in time for the late night. The fish was also cooked perfectly. For entrees, I had the blackened chicken and the crab and it was great. I'd come back to try some of the other dishes. I did have one issue though, the water was very cold and had a slightly bitter after taste. For dessert, I had the chocolate cake which was a little thin and did not stay hot at all. I would definitely be back for dessert, but for food. I would come back in the morning or early evening for some decent food.

I love this place, it's easy to find, it has nice service, good food, and it's close to me, so it's convenient. I've never been here on weekends when we go out, and I never try any of the dishes. But I have tried a lot of their dishes, and they're not bad, they're just not great. But I'm not complaining, I'm just saying I've never tried them on the weekends and I wouldn't do that anymore. Also, there are more people around because I like my drinks on ice, but sometimes I'll see people outside the place and just order a drink. I think it's just a personal preference thing, but it's something I've done for a while now. I like this place, but I'll stick to my comfort zone.

If you're a Filipino guy, or if you have a lot of money and want to try things other than the typical Filipino restaurants, I highly recommend ordering their food here.