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1. Tinder

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The first thing that I do when I get in a new country is check the girls I find on these sites. You will notice that most of the free sites are based in the USA. If you are not familiar with the country, here are some facts about the country: 1) Philippines has a very large population, making it one of the world's largest countries. There are nearly 2.3 million Filipinos. 2) Filipinos are the richest in the world, with a GDP per capita of around $2,000. They have the highest per capita income in Asia (at $2,874). 3) There is a very strong sex trade in the Philippines. There are several large commercial sex brothels in Manila, Baguio, Taguig, Mindoro and Palawan. 4) In 2014 the Philippines received a record number of refugees (over 7,000) from the conflict in Syria. 5) There are several "gay" bars, such as the "Cigar Bar" in the Philippine capital Manila, the "Gay Bar" in Manila, and "The Rainbow Bar" in Metro Manila, among others. The Filipino LGBT community is also very active in promoting themselves and their community, both as a whole and as a sub-community. 6) In 2013, the Philippines became the first country to ban a same-sex marriage. 7) The Philippine National Police's (PNP) Anti-Human pinoy lovers Trafficking Unit has been actively promoting LGBT rights for many years. 8) In 2014, the Philippine LGBT community became active in campaigning for the repeal of the Philippines Anti-Homosexuality Law. 9) In 2013, the Philippines government officially acknowledged same-sex marriage by giving a green light to civil unions. 10) In 2014, it was reported that the Philippines was one of the first countries to allow for the decriminalization of same-sex sexual activity by amending the Criminal Code (Code of Criminal Procedure and Evidence, 1885). 11) In 2013, the Philippine National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) announced a program to target sex tourists to educate them on HIV prevention and to inform them on sexual harassment laws. 12) In 2014, a Philippine woman who had been living as a woman for the past 8 years was able to marry another woman at a temple in Cebu City, Philippines. 13) In 2014, the Philippine government officially recognized marriage equality for same-sex couples with a law stating that the same-sex partner philipinoteens is a legal person. 14) In 2013, an LGBT rights group filed a petition in the Philippine Supreme Court requesting that the same-sex couples in the Philippines be granted the rights of marriage, in the wake of the Supreme Court of the Philippines ruling. 15) In December, 2014, the Philippines government formally passed the Marriage Equality Act, which officially recognizes same-sex marriage and civil unions. 16) In March, 2015, the Philippines introduced the First Amendment Law, which establishes the legal right to freedom of speech and association, and the right to equality before the law in all areas. 17) The Philippines government officially ratified the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women. 18) In 2016, the Philippines announced that it would be passing legislation banning discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in areas such as the education and employment sectors. 19) In July of 2016, the Philippines passed a bill protecting the LGBT community from discrimination and violence, as the country was ranked second in the Asia-Pacific region for its anti-discrimination measures. 20) The Philippine government introduced the Philippines Human Rights First Act, which seeks to protect and promote human rights in the Philippines. 21) In October, 2017, the Philippines officially recognized the Philippines average height australian man International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association as a recognized foreign NGO, and its annual general assembly was held in Manila.