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A story about filpino cupid – the love story of a girl

I started having this really bad relationship with filpino cupid. My ex-girlfriend and I met at a pub in a town near our town. It was a beautiful night and we made love at her place. I felt a little guilty about it, because my ex-girlfriend is in a very long relationship with a very strong guy. So I had a really bad time of it with her.

When I was with my ex-girlfriend, it was like my heart was filled with filpino cupid. I was thinking that there's this girl from the philipines who will never find a boyfriend but will always be my heart. I couldn't believe it. I felt so bad and it seemed like I wasn't even able to feel any affection. She has the right to be with me. It's not a problem if she leaves me. If she goes on a trip, she's okay, as long as I'm not by myself. There's asian dating international no problem with her dating or getting a boyfriend. She can't leave me. I don't care if she's single or a couple, it's just not my problem. No problem. She's a bit shy but she's also a nice person. You will meet some interesting people on a trip to philipines. If you're ever on a vacation there and you're cupid date a foreigner, you are not allowed to talk to girls who are not your family or friends. My ex and I were staying at a hotel in philipines. He's an artist from the philipines and he's a nice guy. But at night, he would come in and watch TV. The hotel maid would come into the room and then he would say that he was watching tv because he had something on. She's really nice though. She's like 18 or 19 years old. She had like a 4 year relationship with me before we started dating. The last time I saw her I think she was around 14 years old. We went out to the club and then we went to my parents house in the suburbs naga male and she was there too and that's all we talked about. I mean it was kinda weird because he's like this hot guy and I'm like this old guy and we never talk about my parents. She's like 18 years old and she just had this crazy crazy night with this guy who I didn't even know, and now she's like 18? And now she's dating this ladyboy makati guy and she's not even 20 and it's just like a nightmare. I don't even know what to say to you, you know, it's weird. And she has a girlfriend too so it's all good? I know it's weird. I think it's just something I haven't figured out yet. I mean I think that's really weird for a guy. So I've had no luck, I don't know, with women, and I've got to think that maybe this one is different. I don't know. I've been really lonely. You know, it's been really hard. And there have been so many times where I've wanted to just, you know, like, just say, "What is this?" But I just really wanted someone to be like "What the fuck? What is this?"

I know you said you wanted to talk about this but you have this really weird relationship with your dad. Did you know?

Yeah, I guess I did. But I don't remember it at all. I think he's, you know, just, you know, it's something that I'm just trying to figure out. Like, where is he going? Are they still dating? And, you know, where am I going to be at the time, like, what do I do, what should I be doing? I don't know what I want. I just know, like, "What do I do about this? Am I philipinoteens just going to keep doing what I do? Is there something that I can do? Am I going to, you know, do something, you know?" But he didn't have any answers for me. And I'm still like, "I don't average height australian man really know what's going on."

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I was talking to a friend of yours who was the first girl I ever dated that was, like, really hot. She was, like, so sweet and nice to me and then I had to have my parents and my brother, who was like, "That's not how you treat someone, you know what I mean?" And I was like, "I'm still not sure." You know, I think maybe it was that, you know? That's the thing with people—you have to be very specific, and then you can really understand it when you see it. And I really, really liked her. I mean, I was like, "Oh my god, this is, like, I'm going to be the new boyfriend, this is amazing." And I've been dating, I don't know how many years now, and, you know, my boyfriend was just like, "Hey, how do you like it?" I was like, "I really like it. It's just so—it's just, it's so nice, and you know, I can just—I'm just going to hold onto this. I'll come back to it again." And he was like, "That's not how you treat someone. You should be nice to them and treat them like they're your sister."

So I was thinking, oh, that's a really messed-up way to act.

So it was a whole thing of, like, being like, okay, it doesn't really, you know what I mean? And then I realized that was also sort of a good way to act when you're dating a girl, right? Like, you can be nice to her and not like, "You don't do anything to me and I'm a bitch." But I still had pinoy lovers this idea that I wanted to date a girl who was like, "Wow, okay, it's so nice, I love you, thank you, thank you." Like, I'm not really, like, I'm sort of, like, this is not how I act.