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I love filipino heart com.

So what's up with me liking this site? The only reason is that I am not a "white boy" or a "white girl". I am a Filipino male. I love reading, and I love reading about Filipino culture and history. What I don't like, though, is when some racist dude tells me what I can and can't read. He's like a racist kid at school. I'm just a dude who wants to read about the history and culture of the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries. And he's a bigot. He can tell me he's a racist because he likes movies that include a lot of "natives" in it, but then he 'll tell me he doesn't like the movies because he's not a "natives" but rather a "Filipino" or "Filipino American". I don't understand. Why can't you just be ladyboy makati honest about who you are and what you like, because you think we're all just a bunch of "trendy" hipster fucks and not really that different from each other. But don't tell me that I'm a racist or a "natives" for not liking this movie, because it's just a movie. Just a bunch of trashy old people telling trashy old stories that are all about white people and how they don't get any respect, and how "you're better" and how average height australian man they're not "Filipino". And he's a "white supremacist", because he doesn't like this movie because he's a racist and the "Filipino" should be the minority and not "natives". So why does he hate it? Why doesn't he just be a normal human being and understand that the movie isn't a representation of the people he was born to be? How do I know that? Because naga male he's a real racist, that's what.

Now, if this guy had any shred of ethics or morals, he would at least be honest about what he likes. He doesn't even know that he likes the movie he likes, because he's a racist, so he thinks he doesn't have any rights. Or maybe he's just not into it and asian dating international doesn't have any idea what to say. Maybe his only goal in life is to get laid. Which is why I guess I should probably just ignore him. Because that's what you're supposed to do. And that is where the movie gets so wrong. Because it tells a good story with all kinds of things going on. But the fact is, this is actually a movie about how to date girls in philipines. And I'll talk about that a little later. It's interesting to note that in the movie, there are tons of girls being thrown to the side because they are too short. Like how are they supposed to be able to date? This is the main reason why most of the girls in this movie are too short, but that's not really true. They're supposed to be really short, but because of a weird loophole, most of them are actually shorter than me. And that is how I am. It's also a nice reminder to how short girls can be in philipines. It's very easy to date a girl with short hair if you're into that kind of thing. I've always hated it when people talk about the "perfect" girl, because those people are always talking about how they want that girl with a long, straight, brown hair. Like if you look like that girl you're into, you'll be the ideal girl. Not true, no. I'm tall, with long hair. And I know a lot of the guys that are into this kinda thing. It's really weird when someone will say they want the perfect girl and then they'll talk about the long-haired girls they've met. What?

I mean, I know that you think I'm very short, but I have long hair, too. You see, I'm not actually short. I'm 6'2", so you would think I would have to be the shorter of the two guys. Wow, that pinoy lovers makes sense now. It's just that there are a lot of people who like Asian guys and are like, "oh this Asian guy is really tall", or whatever. Right, that's how I feel too, but I'm also pretty short, so I guess that's okay. You should read about it if you think you have short Asian guys, just because there's a lot of stereotypes. Right, that's a valid point, I agree. This is why you always want to use the word "short" in front of someone's name. It's like they don't understand that you don't mean "tall" in the literal sense, just "short". This is why it's a good idea to use the pronoun "they" instead of "it" for some things (i.e., "they have a new car"). The most common ones are like, "they're going to their first dance tomorrow," and "they're cupid date getting married in one week." When someone says this, they are telling you something in a general manner like "You know these are all good reasons why you should date them." It's more like "Don't you think they're short?" and they don't know it, so they say it with an "Oh yeah?" in the voice. I'm not going to go philipinoteens through this entire long story because I think there's something important to be said here. I'm going to say, "I know that you're going to be offended, but I'm just telling you how I feel," but that's about it. I'm sure you've already figured it out, I'm just letting you know that it's not as simple as I made it out to be. Now, on to the actual points that I'm about to make. The point of this post is to show you why dating Asian girls is a bad idea. I don't mean that I think you should date Asian girls.