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1. Aisha

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2. Amalia

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3. Amalia

Amalia is the most famous girl from the Philippines that has been around the web since the beginning of time. Amalia's profile is very well documented, and she's the number one hot young model of the Philippines. She's the first Filipino to win the title of Miss Universe Philippines and won it again last year, and she has the most sexy body ever seen in a woman of her age. If you would like to have a close look at her body and to get a good idea of asian dating international how it looks, you can take a look at this gallery.

4. Amalia Garcia

Amalia is very popular for her work as a model in the Philippines, and this model has a huge popularity among her fan base. Her body is so pretty that you can tell that she's had lots of fun doing it. Amalia has a pretty big bust, and her ass looks amazing when she's nude. She's been featured in various publications such as Playboy, and you can also find her in a lot of philipinoteens other magazines such as Harper's Bazaar and Penthouse.

3. Kaitlyn Aurelia

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9. Chloe

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10. Kaitlyn

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