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I was born in philipines and living in a korean place in australia for most of my life. I am pinoy lovers 28 years old and i'm still pretty much an American expat living in australia. I don't really have a lot of interests outside of the korean music scene. I like to watch a bit of youtube video about the bands from korea, but I also like to read a little bit about the country itself. I'm also not really much of a fan of the internet as asian dating international of late, so I'm not really sure what I am going to do about this. I might just go back to my normal life and just have naga male some fun on here. I'm actually looking forward to being in korea for a long time. Thanks in advance for all your help! ^^

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To start, we are introduced to the main character, a high school student named Kyungsoo, who has just arrived in the country. Kyungsoo lives in an apartment with the other five guys from his high school, but since philipinoteens he's the only one who does not go to university, he finds himself with the same living conditions as everyone else. His daily life consists of going to class, studying for exams, and getting his daily chores done. After that, he goes home, where his girlfriend lives with his parents. Kyungsoo is ladyboy makati also the only one of the group that does not have a girlfriend. But in this world, all the girls in the same class have boyfriends. And that's just the average height australian man way it is. Kyungsoo has no friends and no friends have any boyfriends. So all he has left to himself is his friendship. He finds out that his best friend from his last class is dating the girl in his class. And the girl is dating another girl from his class. Kyungsoo decides that he should show some of his affection towards the guy that he's friends with by giving a special date to the girl that he and his class are dating. But he doesn't know that his best friend is also dating someone else. What will happen, will Kyungsoo and the girl he's dating fall in love and will she accept him in the end.

This film is the first part of a three part story. The other two parts are: "The first thing I wanted to say was that I'm going to watch that movie in a week because I don't have the time" and "The other day I was reading a magazine and there was a picture of a girl with a cupid's bow on her head and I thought it was really cute. So I want to know if this is also the same person. Do you have a cupid's bow too?" If you want to know the story behind the film you can also visit the official site here, or the official website of the film by clicking on its title. I'm sorry, I'm just too shy to go up and say hi in the movie theater, but do you think Kyungsoo might be looking for someone? (laughing) Kangmyungsoo does not have any problems with love. He is a true heart man, so he wouldn't be rejected. That is the real truth! He would not look for someone who is like him. (laughing) I'm sorry, that's too much. I thought he was going to look for an other girl in that situation. But why is there a cupid and an angel in the same story? Kangmyungsoo's relationship with Sehun is an example of love, the story of their love. Sehun is not like the other boys, so he would never be rejected. He would never feel awkward because of a guy like him. He can't be rejected. (laughing) Why is it that the guy's family cupid date doesn't reject him even after all that happens? They're not idiots. You know the old saying that 'the more people you know, the more likely you are to be rejected'? They're like, 'Oh my God, is this girl really someone I could live with?' They can't imagine rejection, can they? (laughing) This is the kind of family . After Kangmyungsoo got home, he started to think about the people in his family. I can't remember if it was the other day or not, but his mother had to go on her trip back home. After that, they went to the same mall, but they stopped at a convenience store. So they went back home for lunch. They didn't talk a lot, but it felt like they were having a good time together. Kangmyungsoo noticed it was a very interesting couple. He wanted to go back with them later, but then he remembered his mother. He couldn't just leave them like that and leave them alone. He had to give them some time to talk about everything. He had to be careful not to make them feel lonely. He thought to himself, 'I'll just say that they're a good looking couple.' "Oh, wow," the second girl said, and then he saw that she was already kissing Kangmyungsoo. He started to worry, but then realized that they were looking at each other and she wasn't doing anything. He decided to go to the bathroom and go find something to read. When he was in there, he was very nervous. He tried to think of a good way to say something, but it was almost too late. After a long moment, he finally managed to get something out. "Wow," the first girl said. "They are so pretty. And they're both really cute. They look good together." "I think I have a crush on one of you." "Oh my God." "I'll see you again!" The other girl quickly followed his lead. After a moment, a couple other girls started following the three guys in there.