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This girl is the hottest of the bunch…I wish I could say she was my type too. I was going through a rough patch of dating, and then my good friend asked me to go get him and his friend to go hang out. They were both from philipines. After he left, I went over and they came over with a bottle of vodka. I was super thirsty, so I drank the whole bottle in less than 5 minutes. I was just about to ask them what they had to drink. One of the guys asked me if I knew what they were doing. I said yes. He said that they were going to get laid, and he wasn't gonna ask if he could do it too. He went out and he was like, "well, maybe if you just have sex with them a few times a day, it'll stop you from getting a headache." I was like, I guess I could do that. He told me he was a huge virgin, so I just said, "okay, go."

I don't really average height australian man drink anything at all these days. When I was in college, I did, but I didn't really enjoy it. My boyfriend, at the time, had his college drink of choice. I had no idea how it worked, but it was basically pinoy lovers alcohol with some pills. I had to make the decision to go to school and work as a bartender for my bachelor's degree. It was actually kind of fun. I actually got to drink with my friends a lot. It was naga male like I was a college kid.

I didn't asian dating international want to go back to college with a bunch of people who were all drinking all night and then getting laid all night. But I had no choice. It was just like a college experience in a nutshell, which was a lot of fun. I was always like, "This is awesome, this is amazing." I wanted to get married to a girl from the philipines, like a local woman, like a stripper or something, but I never found a girl that was my type, so I always just had to make do, I guess. My friends never found a single girl I could go to college with. I guess it's like philipinoteens all the other guys, the ones who never got laid. There's this guy that I met who had a girlfriend at age 21, but she got dumped by her boyfriend, so she dumped him at age 22, so she was 20. So, I mean, I've known all these guys who have had a girlfriend for ages, and they don't seem to care about any of this stuff at all. I didn't know much about it, and I just thought that it was a whole other level of stuff, and I was like, "Yeah, it's great, I'm going to get married to this girl from the philipines." That was it. You could really be in that country and be able to do whatever you wanted.

What's your relationship like with your parents? I'm not really sure what it is. I can't really tell you. I really just try and not make a big deal of it. I'm just like "Oh, I have this boyfriend" and stuff. I've had a lot of boyfriends since ladyboy makati I've been here, so it's kind of hard to say. It's kind of funny, though. It's kind of weird because when I was young I thought I was really cute and really hot. I wasn't even shy or anything. I don't know how to explain it, because I still am a little scared of guys at first, but once I got over that , I kind of like how I look. Like, it doesn't really matter to me. But when I go out with my friends I'll always think it's so cute when they say how cute I look, because it kind of makes me feel that way too. And cupid date you know what? That's pretty sweet of you. You're right. It's a good thing to be a little shy. It's one thing for a guy to want to date a girl, but if a girl is shy, she has to make up for it somehow. And I'm not really talking about trying to pick her up, I'm just saying she can take a step back and say "Okay, maybe I'll be a little more flirty with this guy". If that girl says "I think I can get along with him" she'll be a pretty good boyfriend. The problem is if she says "Well, maybe I'll try to get closer", but the guy isn't into it, they'll have a good time. If the girl is like "I'm not really into him at all", well then it might be a bad idea to try and get close with him. So how do you deal with shy girls? Well, try to be nice to them, but you'll have to start with a little bit of flirting to get them talking, it's easy to tease them about it. Maybe they'll talk to you about something they like, maybe they'll tell you what they want to do with their time. So I'll give you an example. If she was really shy and said "I don't like having my hair done, I like it longer". you might tell her to go ahead and do it. That's when you should be trying to make it up to her, that's the kind of guy who does better with chubby girls. But if you go ahead with the haircut, it's just going to make her more nervous. So the way to get around this, I guess, is to go for the nice thing first. And this is actually one of the problems that a lot of guys have.