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I was a naga male bit of a girl in college. I was really cute, but my grades were sub par and I ended up dropping out to go to college full time. A couple of months later, I started hanging around some friends and I got into a conversation with one of them about my life. He asked if philipinoteens I ever went on a date and I said no, and I wasn't really comfortable with that because I hadn't been a serious person in a while and it was a lot for me. So he suggested that I could meet up with him at an art gallery where we could go on a date. I was a bit nervous but then I realized he pinoy lovers wasn't going to hurt me or anything, so I went with it. We met up and he led me up to his studio. I was nervous but then he asked if he could give me a hand with my phone and I was so nervous I started shaking. He took it out of my hands and started looking at me for a few seconds and I realized I had to get up and go. We had a brief conversation and then I got up to leave. My phone was still in his hand and I couldn't really think about it as I was nervous. As I got to my car he said to me, "What's wrong?" I answered him back, "I can't think about the phone, what's wrong?" He was shocked. "You can't think about your phone. We'll fix it for you." We got in his car and started driving to a hotel he had in Manila. I kept my distance and let him take care of it as he wanted. We met in a bar and it felt weird to me because we are two people I don't know and we were there together for about an hour before going into the hotel. It was the night of a big tournament so it was packed and everyone was there so I didn't know if they were there for the tournament or just friends. I couldn't really tell. I felt like we were being used to make money. I couldn't help but think about how he is using my time and my heart on his end and I realized he could do much more. It was funny and I laughed with him. We went to a bar after that and we didn't talk much about it, but I was still surprised that he was doing what he was doing with me. I felt as if I would never get anything else. I felt like I was going to be alone forever if I did not get him to do this with me. It was as if I was living in my own fantasy world for the rest of my life.

That's when I finally told him. I told him about all the times ladyboy makati we had had a good time, and it was so funny. It was not like we had a regular life together, it was always like, "What the fuck am I doing talking to a stranger about a story about my life?" I told him about the time I had done a lot of things together to try and make it work and how we had found ourselves going back and forth. We talked about how he had a habit of taking my phone when we went out, and the more average height australian man he did that the more he wanted to do it and how it made me mad. He talked about the way we looked at the world and all of asian dating international the ways we thought it was weird, and how he would take us out to eat and we would go in and have a good time and then he would be gone and we were supposed to be back. It was a weird way to go out. We were never supposed to have a drink together, and when we were at dinner, we would wait outside for him to get there so he could have his drink, but then I would tell him, "I'm not going to get in your way, you just drink a glass of wine or whatever." I was just the big sister type of girl, like, I want you to have a good time, I'm not worried if I get in the way. He was very excited to do it. I was so into it and I was trying to get to know him better and I guess he was really into it too. I just said, "This is your last chance to do this. I don't want you to do anything crazy or weird. You can get me to go out with you or whatever." So I go to the bar and I'm like, "Hey! Who are you with?" "Oh, I don't know. I'm not really sure what's going on but I just want to go with you." "Well, I'll go with you." "What? No, you just wanna go." "Oh, OK! Thanks, I really appreciate it." We have a really great time and he's very nervous about it. So it goes from that to me telling him to "Come over here, we can have a coffee and a chat." "Okay! I'll see you tomorrow." And then he says, "Alright! Bye." And I think he was kind of in the mood because he wanted to have a fun, fun date and he wanted to go out with me. He was really into the whole thing. So then we had coffee, and we started hanging out.

What I liked about the story: it's very relatable and I really liked the way it goes from "Oh, I've never been on a date with anyone" to "OK, I'm gonna have a date with you!" And from there, they go on cupid date to what I really want to say; what I want to get across.