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You might have noticed that there are many names in Crezelle that are Italian in origin, like Alessandro, Alessandra, Andrea, Alessia, and even Andrea di Mazzoni. All of them are Italian names, as they are all very common. But they are not Italian names, like the names of the girls in this story, who are from the Phillippines.

The name Alessandra is from Italy, and the name Alessandro is Italian, too. And they are very, very common names in the Phillippines. But why is that? Why do they have this great influence over the local residents?

Alessandra, Andrea, Alessandra, and Andrea di Mazzoni are names that come from the region of Tuscany. Tuscany is a beautiful region. It is full of amazing architecture, and so many people call this region, "Tuscany" (Italian for "golden" or "golden wood"), but it is more of a geographical region than a city. It is so beautiful, and the history of the region has so much to do with history in general. Tuscany was once called the "golden city of Tuscany" or "golden age of Tuscany." So it is pretty cool when the name "Tuscany" is used in the general sense, but in a unique way.

The origin of the name Alessandra is a little mysterious. She is believed to be the daughter of the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar, and was his consort until ladyboy makati he became Emperor. So her name is also a combination of his name and the Italian word for wife. So it is also a name in which the wife and the husband philipinoteens are considered equal. And there is no doubt that this woman was an attractive woman, and her beauty would have been an attraction for Roman men of her class. Alessandra was a slave and an albino, and she was a prostitute. And that was probably not a good thing, as in the Italian words for prostitute are all the terms that can be found in the Bible, like harlot, which is the Hebrew name naga male for the harlot in Judean literature. So the idea of her being an albino was also not a good one, and so Alessandra had to be a slave. And her name was "Cezanne" which is the name of a girl who was born in the 15th century, and that's the first known reference to an albino woman, because she was in the pinoy lovers 16th century, and so the name was actually already known. And there was a book by a man called Francesco Cezanne, a Florentine man, called Cezanne de la Tour in which he wrote about all kinds of women, and they were all described as having the same physical features and cupid date that's why I call them albino women. And then after that it turned out that she was actually a slave and that was also a bad thing for her, as she was a girl who was enslaved. She was being used for her body by the other women, but at that time, it was a problem because you had to have this very strong personality to be a slave and it wasn't something that a girl could really take in hand. And she was one of the last ones to be freed, which was very, very sad for her. And then, at the beginning of the 17th century, a lot of albinos were brought to Italy and all the albinos in the albino community were called albinos, even though, it's true, some of them weren't albino at all. And then when this was brought over, the people who were brought over were very, very afraid that they were going to asian dating international be killed, so a lot of people were forced to go to the desert, and the albino women would go with the people and the people would die, so it was very sad. It was really sad. And it was a very tragic story for the people in that society. It wasn't a story that anyone in the upper classes of society could really take in hand.

This was something that was happening a lot with the albinos. It was all very sad, and when you talk to them, they say, well, what can we do about it? Because, we all know, I have to live in this society and that is all I need to have a job, and this society doesn't allow me to be as beautiful as I want to be. And then one day, there was this one man in the society, he had such a good sense of humour, and he told me one day, oh, it is just like you and I and all the people, there is no such thing as albino people. There is just as many of us, we are all people, we are all the same. And this is just a fact of life. This is one of the problems that I had average height australian man in life was, all these people around me that were like, oh, the albinos are just sick, they are just sick. This is something that is happening to the albinos a lot, people don't really see what it means, they don't see the suffering, that they are going through. This man just told me, and then he started giving me this idea, he said, oh, it is because your skin is not yellow, so the people have to eat more rice, so they are not going to get albinism any more. Now, in this society, albinism is very, very, very much a part of their culture, and it is very very common. And the people who are getting it are really really sick people, a lot of them, you know, they are really sick. I mean, you just can't imagine, just you can't imagine what it is like to be on the ground with this horrible sickness, I mean, this sickness, like a lot of people don't even realize that this is a sickness, it really is.