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"I was very much in love with this chick. She was beautiful and very beautiful." "This guy is the cutest! He's just a sweet, good person and he makes my day! He's so very sweet." "I met the cutest dude ever. We talked a lot but we had our fun and didn't talk about much but I do remember him taking off my shirt and that he's in his early to mid-thirties, that he's skinny, and that he's really tall. We hit it off really well and he seemed really into me. We're like best of friends. We went out and got some drinks. Then he gave me his number, and I told him I needed to talk. He's got this smile on his face that says 'I'm going to make the best of this' and it's just such a sweet thing. I'm still so confused on why he wanted to talk to me. I was kind of nervous, not wanting to sound like a stalker. The way he said the name, I knew what he meant. He's one of the guys at the club and they say it's 'not a girl' club, it's the 'club of gentlemen'. I was going to have to make some kind of choice here. We went out for drinks and as it turns out, it turned out to be good! He had a lot of friends with him and he was really fun and friendly. I'm going to get him to go to the club with me tomorrow and we'll see where things go from there.

I'm also going to tell him about the girl that he liked, but I'm not going to say her average height australian man name so I won't embarrass him. He's really cute, a lot of guys have liked him but never gave him an opportunity to meet up and talk to him. I told him about my boyfriend, who is a great guy, he's got a great personality. I don't know what he likes about her, but he has always said he likes my tits! She told me that I should go to the club to see him, but I told her that it'd be a cupid date waste of time, he's really pinoy lovers good looking. I asked her if she likes the guy or not. She didn't say anything, but she told philipinoteens me she really likes him and wants to get him to go out with her. We went to the club, he didn't like it much, he asked me why, I said because I want to get more with him, he said I'm a bit too cute for him. I asked him if he likes me, he didn't reply, he just looked sad, but he didn't say anything else, but we went to another club, this one was really nice, we sat together, he got up and said that he'll give me a kiss, I didn't want him to, but I wanted him to kiss me, he didn't. He said that he's really really good looking, but he's not really good looking at all, he looks like a man from the 60's, he's really skinny, has a great face and good boobs. I didn't really want to, but it was a long day and I had to get ready, we went to the bathroom and he went in and I went out and then came back, he kissed me good, but he didn't kiss me. I told him that I'd go home and he told me that he's just a friend, I said "I like you and I want to get closer" and we kissed and then we went back to the club. I walked to the club with him, we sat at a table, I had my shoes on, he didn't. He said he'd tell me in the morning, I said okay and he walked away. He said to me naga male "I'll talk to you later" and I walked away. After school, I called my mum, she told me that she's never seen a man smile like that, it was so beautiful, she couldn't believe that he's so happy and that he didn't want to leave her. She came into the living room and we were crying because of what he did. She said it was so funny, I said "You should see the faces of the other girls I'm going out with, they're all looking at him and they're laughing, they love it" She said, "What are you talking about, they don't want to get kissed or anything" I said "If you've got nothing better to do, go home, you're always late, you're always late and no matter what you do, you're never going to make it", and ladyboy makati she said "No you can't", I said "No I can, I'll do it." She said "I don't know, you've got so much going on, what's wrong with you?" and I told her "I'm just being a good friend, I'm just trying to make friends". She said "What a bad friend, that's what you're trying to do with him" and I asian dating international said "It's not what I'm trying to do, he's doing it for me". She told me that my mother had been in a car accident when I was eight and that's when she said, "I wish I was as strong as you". I'm a good person, she said "you've always had a nice smile on your face, I'm sure your father always wanted you to be a beautiful girl, so I don't really know why you're having a bad time". She said, "You don't have to be so hard on yourself, you've just got to stop acting so nice to everyone. Don't act like a princess, act like a normal girl". I was so proud of her, I went and saw her, she wasn't happy, I said "You know, I wish I was as pretty as you".