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Please feel free to comment if you have any questions, suggestions, or want to chat about any of the above topics! I'm not a native I philipinoteens so speaker pinoy ">speaker pinoy lovers so I philipinoteens may make mistakes. If you want to ask me any of your questions or have a suggestion for a new thread, you can leave a comment or you can find me on Facebook. If you enjoyed the article, please take a moment and leave a good review! It would mean a lot to me and it helps me out a lot! You can do this by either going to the "Recommend this Article" tab at the bottom of the page or clicking the "Review" button. Bato Camarines Sur is one of the newest game and it's been around for quite some time now. It's a game that's still fairly new for a lot of the world, but there's really nothing new about it. If you're looking for some game tips, I would recommend starting off by reading my previous article about game. What's the difference between the bato camarines sur and the bato camarines saris? I don't think there's anything really asian dating international special about the game, but it's more of a fun and addictive game to play than any of the other game types out there. I think that if you want to learn about the rules of the game, you should read the previous article "How to Play ". Here is the link to the video: Bato Camarines Sur Gameplay and tips and tricks. It has over 730,000 views on Youtube and has over 1,400,000 views on Google+ so far. Here are the game's rules: 1) No more than three of your cards can be from the same race. 2) When a player has at least one of the cupid date two "good" cards, they take the turn. 3) No other players may choose to take the turn. 4) During the "turn", the player can take any action that has an effect that increases the value of their deck. The action is considered to be "free", as long as ladyboy makati it is not the last card in their deck. 5) The other players can take actions during the "turn", but they cannot alter the effect that the "good" card would have. The player may play cards, play cards, or perform other actions. They don't have to take an action that is already chosen in advance by the other players. The player can only be "blocked" or "blocked out" during the "turn". 6) All other cards are not included in this list, but may still be taken by the player, if they are part of their hand. 7) A player can choose to play a special card to increase naga male their deck size. This card has no effect on the game. (this may only be played if a card already exists.) The deck size of each player is increased by that number of cards of the same colour or class. 8) Every player may discard any card in his or her hand. (This is not allowed in the same way as playing a card to take a card. A player is allowed to play a card and then discard it, and then put it into their hand. However, the card they played is not removed.) 9) When all the cards have been played, a player must put all the cards into the discard pile and place them face down. (this happens at the end of the turn.) 10) The first player to pass out gets to draw one card from the card pool. A player may only get the first option if the option is available. (so if you want to pass out, you must have both the option available to you and the option to pass.) 11) You may not play a card from your hand. Only play cards from your deck or draw cards from the pool. (There are exceptions to this rule, but they are rare, and they usually only apply to cards with the "Draw cards" ability.) 12) If there are more than 2 players, the players are shuffled up and the game continues with the first player playing as long as they wish. 13) Once all the players have played all their cards, the game is over. (This can sometimes happen before the first player is even done playing) 14) Players may not give out a negative number to the other players. 15) The first player to pass out gets to draw one card from the card pool. A player may only get the option to draw a card if average height australian man there are fewer than two players . (In practice, this is only an issue for those who know the cards well. This is a very common occurrence.) 16) The player with the most cards in their hand gets to draw three cards. 17) If a player has less than 3 cards left in their deck, they can choose to take one of the cards in the pool. In this case, they may still continue playing the game. 18) It is not allowed to remove an opponent's card to play it. 19) The player who has played their last card has to return the cards to their hand. 20) If a player is at 1 card and their opponent is at 3 cards, then they lose . 21) A player who draws more cards than their opponent wins the game. 22) A player can't move their cards to a "free" space.