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I was browsing at the supermarket, when a girl with a huge belly approached me. I was surprised, she had really big boobs, and pinoy lovers she was wearing a tight t-shirt. But, her large boobs were really obvious, so I asked if I could buy her a drink. "Sure thing, why not" she said, as she handed me a plastic bottle. I took a sip, and the girl was like wow, what a nice tits you have. I had to buy her a new one, and we exchanged number and contact. I don't think I've cupid date ever had any bad experiences with my girl from the philipines. And my girlfriend is not the one in the picture. I'm really happy with my experience, and I think that the fact that I bought the drinks helped me to relax a little, as ladyboy makati I was so scared after all that had happened.

It was my second time here in australia. I had been to Australia before, and had liked the atmosphere there a lot. I wanted to go and see the sights, and have a drink. There was a average height australian man very good selection of bars here, and also a good food selection. I was also very happy to have a girlfriend to date. I'd seen a lot of girls from the philipines in the internet, but not in person. I didn't really want to go out in public, as I don't like it. There were also some nice hotels in australia that had a bar, so I decided to go with the girl. We met up at a little spot, a little bar called the mam. The bartender had two beautiful babes naga male waiting for us. She asked us to come up to the bar and start talking. The next day was pretty awesome. After meeting some people, I got a job as a waiter. I started getting some new friends, all from this place, the mam. At that point I was also a regular, as I always make friends at the mam. The bartenders usually make me drink a lot of beer and wine, and they always take care of me. The food is always fresh and delicious. The girls are very friendly. I think I made the place a very safe place to meet new people. I also never have to worry about the police, and everything is very easy. Also, the bartenders know how to mix the drinks, and it is always very easy to order whatever you like. I also have the best time with the girls there, as they make me feel very welcome. If you want to meet new people from the philipines and see new things in a new place, I will recommend this place to you.

This place is an awesome place for the most part. I had a great experience last Friday night, and all my friends and I will be coming back. It's very safe, and the bartenders are very helpful. If you're from the philipines, this is the place to be. The bartenders are the best in the world.

I came here on a Wednesday, and I've had this place for 3 months and I'm not leaving! I went to have some drinks with my friends, and we had a great time. The bartender was very helpful with our order, and made sure it was in line. We all got a drink before moving on to the dance floor. The drinks were good! They had a variety of drinks, including an amazing coconut vodka. The staff is always friendly and has great recommendations for the bartenders. There are so many good things here, I don't want to leave! I would definitely recommend this place, just like I would a bar that is just a few minutes away, but this place is special. And as always, this place is well worth the wait, and the great service. Thank you for all your help and friendship!

I have to admit, I'm not a huge fan of this place, but it's always good to see people happy, especially when you come out of a busy night with so much alcohol to drink. The bartender always has a smile on his face. If you're in the mood for a margarita, you can't go wrong. But if you want to try something new, try the grilled cheese sandwich. I've tried them twice. You can never go wrong with the cheese sandwich. The burger and fries are good, but it just doesn't have asian dating international the same flavor as the fries at the main location. I don't like the hot dog either. It is too sweet. It's really not a big deal, but it's just not my favorite thing. I don't care about the menu, they are the best. It is philipinoteens the best in the city.

Very good food, especially the hot dog. I will definitely be back for another trip. I came here when I got a craving for the hot dog, but the waiter was not too friendly and we left after waiting for 5 minutes. After I was out the restaurant was empty. I'm going to have to wait until there is a good time to come back. Very good food. The hot dog was very good too. I have been here for the past few years. This is a good place to go for a burger. A beautiful place for a meal. The staff was very helpful and friendly. The food and food was good! I will recommend this place to all the people that I know.

This is an awesome coffee shop. I went in with my girlfriend yesterday. I think the only reason I didn't take pictures of the bar, is that my phone's screen was super sticky. They have a bunch of different things on offer.