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"Hey, my name is Chia and I'm a huge fan of asia cupid. In fact, I am a total fanboy. My favorite anime, one that I watch at least once a week is asia cupid. So let me tell you how it is I got my first cupid. First of all I am a 17 year old boy and I am so shy and awkward. I always try to look cute and have a good personality but I never managed to make anyone notice me at all. When I went to my first university and I got the opportunity to meet asia cupid, I just thought, "What a funny name." "Oh, right, I guess you are the girl from the philipines. I'm glad you found my story and it gave you a chance to meet me!" Well, what a funny girl that she is, even though I thought that I was in a bad mood at first. I didn't even think average height australian man that I was the "dorky girl." I always thought that it is some kind of an "asian girl" who got some kind of power and is always trying to have fun in every situation. When I came to this school, I already have so many friends and I knew that people would recognize me. The second day, I met another guy. When I started to talk to him, it seemed that he knew what I was talking about. I was surprised that he even remembered my name. I was so nervous and so surprised that it lasted for 10 minutes or so. I just thought that I must have been too shy to speak to him or I must have done something wrong, right? I felt very awkward, but I tried not to be. We just exchanged numbers and he didn't tell me his name. But it felt like we were friends. I guess I was afraid that I could be rejected. But I was also afraid that he might not want me anymore. I had to trust him.

I met him again a few days later. We were at a bar. He was dancing with a girl. He was wearing a sexy nightgown. I had just finished a round with my ex. I had a few drinks and decided to walk home. When I arrived home, I noticed my ex. She was with a guy. He was dancing in the kitchen with some girl. I asian dating international asked her what was going on. She just smiled and said I should probably leave. So I did.

I came back the next day. I just walked in and was completely blown away. I asked her to dance for me, she didn't know what to do. I said go ahead, I'll be right back and I have a lot naga male of questions for you. She said sure, we will walk in. I said come on, how many men can you see at the same time? She said at least 5, maybe more. I said what do you mean so many? She said well she just looked at my ass, so no, I don't think so. I told her I didn't think so and we started walking down the street. It took philipinoteens about 10 minutes, and I was in the midst of a big conversation with her. So I asked her how many guys she had seen pinoy lovers dance with her in cupid date that short amount of time. She looked at me and said "I don't have any, just a few." I said I think she might. She laughed and said "well you just get so many guys to walk up to you, you're going to get a few. But then, you'll get the rest of the guys to dance with you, so you'll end up with more, which is why we have all these guys." She started to walk away and I looked to her and said "let's go home, you're wasting my time. I can't believe you think of me like that." We walked back towards her apartment. She had to come outside because her boyfriend was on a treadmill and wasn't going to come out because it was so cold. I asked her why she thought I was so nice. She said, "you're so sweet, I could just go home with you and it would be the same thing. But you make me feel really good, so it is worth it." I took off my jacket and said "I'm sorry for being rude, but you do have an amazing ass. So you're gonna have to work on getting your boyfriend to leave, he's got a good ass." She didn't even have to ask. When she left she was smiling and I said, "It's been a pleasure." I got the last bit of my clothes and was ready to go home. When I walked in the door, she was sitting there like a statue. She was staring me right in the eyes, I mean there was no way I could say no to her. So I said, "Are you feeling alright?" She just stared at me like that, that was so fucking hot. She took my hand and we went into her room. When we opened the door, I didn't even have to say a word. I was all over her. I was kissing, biting and massaging her. I started rubbing her pussy and she just gave a scream and jumped out of her bed. I could tell that she was so turned on, but it was so weird. Then all of a sudden, I could hear her talking to me. "Daaaaaaawww, wwwwwww, waaaaaah waaaaaaaaaah, waaaaah waaaaah!", she cried.